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some sprites i have made


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My design's for x6 and x7. x7 would be Omegashoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, starmons, sparrowmon, and a chou shinka of mailbirdramon.

x7 would be the same but with Zeekgreymon ( a chou shinka of greymon)
September 29th, 2013
remade that shit
my last x7 sprite was some shit, so i remade that, and it's clearly superior.
yeah i made this, because honestly the x2 design was stoopid, and dumb. it made more sense than mine, but looked dumber the Shakkoumon. Anyway it's mostly based of Paildramon's design, because paildramon is like one of my favorite digimanz.
I like your Mercurymon
Hey fuse this one with the apemon sprite sheet I made so it can have more poses, I'd do it myself but I'm kinda preoccupied at the moment...
@Ryder.TH: ill just reuplode it in png
You don't really need me to help you with this one, I think yours looks better, but if you still want help with it PM it to me in PNG and I'll try to fuse them.
well i thought banisher needed some help. but in reality mines not any better :I maybe our combined products will be spectacular
@Banisher_of_Sun: thats funny because your showcase inspired me to start making more sprites
Wow, all of these are really nice.
Gigasmon sprite by detcher. grumblemon by me!!
i didn't make the petaldramon sprite, it was maded by Detcher of deviantart. the arbormon sprite is mine though
dude that duskmon sprite makes me want to give birth to a unicorn its so awesome.

your welcome

anyway duskmon and velgmon sprites by me, the lowemon and jagerlowemon are from digimon battle spirit 2
i didn't make the clamaramon sprite Detcher did. but i made the ranamon one.
yeah im making all the spirits in tiny gif form
it didn't exist so i made it :I
same as for grademon
i made this a while ago when i was doing the reptiledramon line for dorumon
i made this a while ago when i was into xros wars
same goes for this as the magnamon one