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32 characters from all over the place gather together to fight for some ridiculous prize or other!

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How's this? The drawing isn't that much more detailed, but I put a lot of notes next to it.
If you think this is good, you could upload it as the new reference.
I will add some extra personality info soon, when I get that worked out.
@Twentydragon: I honestly don't think my drawing ability is good enough to provide that much more that what I've posted.
I can say a couple things about Meredith in particular:
* She is often wearing very worn-out clothes, because she doesn't have much else. Sometimes her clothes have visible tears in them.
* When she extends the fingers on her right hand, you can see that they are quite sharp. (I actually just decided on this recently. I thought it would be a nice touch)
* She doesn't use any cosmetic products, but she does try to stay clean. Being dirty brings back bad memories for her.
I literally drew it five minuets ago. So it’s in front of my on my desk. I guess I’ll post it on my DeviantArt account and post a link.

@Phenoix12: Or you could post a link? XD
I actually took a crack at sketching her because I'm thinking of taking the match she's in. It turned out decent. If you want to see it I could put it on my DeviantArt or I could just post it here for a few and take it down.
Also, I understand that you've got a particular art style you're comfortable with, LS, but these very simple pictures don't give a whole lot of idea what your characters actually look like.

What shape are Meredith's eyes? Does she have a birthmark on her face? Maybe a wrinkle or two? What kind of clothing is that? What's it made of? What kind of nose does she have? Does she wear lipstick? All of these would provide a lot of insight into your character, but they are sadly missing.

I'm not comfortable even attempting to draw them in my own style because I have very few details to work from. For Kyra and Jade I had to find the source material in order to understand their appearance.

Please spend some more time on your reference art. (If you choose to go back and replace the ones you've done as time goes on, please send them to me, and I'll swap 'em out for you. I'll even change the brackets to match.)
There are now two matches ready to go!

Match 2: Jade Harley (1) vs. Dimenumper (4)
Match 3: Harvey the Heart (10) vs. Meredith (13)
Height: 5'7"

One of the characters from a story I'm working on. (EDIT Sep 9: I changed the name to "Somil" - still a working title.) It started out as a story based on the Megadrive game Soleil, but then I realized 80% of the ideas were mine, so I gave all the characters new names and started writing it as an original story.
I considered posting what I have done, but this character hasn't even appeared in the story yet. She's one of the characters I invented on my own.

Backstory: She's the mom of the protagonist (a 14-year-old boy); after he leaves on a quest with his dog, she decides (unbeknownst to her son) that she will follow her. On the way to meet up with him, she gets attacked by a wild monster, but her left arm and leg are repaired magically by the monsters' "demigod." Since he's not the humans' demigod, he has to give her monster limbs instead of human ones, but she's just glad to be alive.

P.S. She is 34 years old, and her husband died in the war against monsters when she was 23 and her son was just three.
She does have a leader... I guess if he gave her an order she would follow it...
Very nice, Waylin! This is an excellently done character submission, and I really look forward to seeing what happens with Dust!
I like him already.
Background(Meta and Otherwise): There's a big 'ol plot arc up in the old noggin, but for now, most of whatever has anything to do with Dust that's been published you can find in Squid Pills(Reader Beware), though nothing -directly- related to the character, sad to say. He's part of the canon, though, so hey. Anyways, Dust is part of an old golem army, meant to be five hundred strong. They were supposed to activate about six hundred years after they were put into a sort of sleep-mode in order to deal with a prophesied apocalypse. A good four-hundred and ninety or so didn't make it. Earthquakes n' such. The survivors, however, filtered out, all to different stages of their world. Dust missed out on all of the action, and never even got to meet his brethren. So, he just wanders.

Personality: Dust doesn't have much of a personality, and the poor guy can't even speak. Alas, the tragedies of the golem condition. Still, he deals. He's mostly kind until he's backed into a corner and his 'programming' kicks in. Even so, he tends to avoid violence, often seeing it as a lose-lose situation.

Abilities: Imbued with the ability to emulate, and on occasion, recreate pieces of folk-lore and pop-culture, Dust has been known to be somewhat... random. If it's on television, told to enough children, or an article in a popular magazine, Dust can recreate it. From spawning the ghosts of drowned widows to threatening you with the latest in absorbent towels, Dust can make it happen.

Aside from that, Dust is average for his height, though his golem body makes him more stable, and he certainly can pack a wallop with a punch. Still, depending on what he decides is best, he could end up reenacting a civil war battle, or pulling a James Dean. It's a coin toss with him.

Other Stuff: Don't bother looking too hard for his origin stuff, the only person here who should, or could have any better idea than what I've presented is probably Phenoix12. (It's also a maybe.) The character is copyright myself, Warlin, but I doubt you'd want to steal him. Also, I'm not sure if I was supposed to approve this or whatever first, but slap me profusely if I did this wrong. Either way, I may or may not be looking forward to this.
Good to know. The second one, at least, maybe we can find a way to retroactively explain it?
I admit I'm not good at writing childish language...
There were only two things in this whole thing that irked me a bit. Everything else is fine.
1. She is a child or at least child like in her speech. Do to her shyness she usually does not speak to people she doesn’t know that well. In combat she speaks more but still in the child like manner. What I’m saying is that her speech was a bit too serious for her.
2. She doesn’t use potions or drugs. She most likely would have used her puppets to constrain her enemy or (by the size of her target) simply step on her. (In combat she may act childish but she will kill, I didn’t mention this since I toned her down to keep in the family friendly range)

ALSO the one thing that surprised me is the ending! Actually very close to what she does, you know... except for the seriousness...

I’d like to know what she is going to do to her.
If you want to draw Match 2, please say so in the comments on this page.
*final page*
Normally Red isn't so direct in her battles, but feeding Kyra a sleeping formula can hardly be described as "fighting", and Kyra's so tiny it doesn't take much to put her to sleep.
Just one more page to make. The last one will be in Inkscape, because I'm out of town & don't have my tablet with me.