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Siren follows the story of a death elf and a mermaid, who fight together through war in the black depths, and struggle with the prejudices against their respective kinds.

Rated Mature for language, gore, and implied sexual themes.

Recent Comments

When/is this comic coming back? I am intrigued by it, and would love to see more!
So is this comic coming back/ continuing? Because I found it today (courtesy of a youtube video with these characters), and it's stankin' gorgeous. I really hope it continues. It's awesome that it follows the "after I murdered a third of the population and then try to interact with people again" thing. Super unique and interesting!!
I love the comic so far, keep it up! :D ^w^
September 26th, 2016
omg he looks so excited in the last panel. Adorable excited archmage
Hey guys! Don't forget to check out our Patreon, where you can get early updates as well as progress sketches. When we get more patrons, we'll be able to update more frequently and also release character backgrounds and extra art!
September 4th, 2016
huuzzah~ I was hoping it would update soon. Yay~ more of grumpy Naizor.
Whew! What a busy few months! We came back from our vacation in Italy, and Chase got a surgery she's been looking forward to! Now we're home and ready to roll <3
this is amazing, please update soon!
That guy really has bad luck huh? Lol. Omg Italy. Take me with you! Have fun. See you in two weeks.
Hey guys!

So we're going out of the country starting tomorrow, and taking our first every vacation, all the way to Italy!
We'll be back in two weeks, all fired up and ready to continue the story at full speed ahead!

Wish us luck!
um i read this comic a while ago did the king catch the bad guy naizor as a giant lion with a few snakes in his mane ? looks like you rewrite a few thing i was wondering why the way it was looked great and made more sense to me i remember naizor laughing at his brothers girl friend after he hurts his bro and saying you cant hurt me my bro will ask if i am ok when he wakes up ahahaha
Now.... let the story begin. Poor Naizer. That's like when your going into work and you are like "I just clocked in"
Naizor's day is off to a good start.
I know its silly and that she is a siren but I just realized that she has no nipples on her boobies. o3o
Sorry, but I agree with wolf guy here.
Hello friends!
New page! :)

Also, we have a patreon here if you like what we do and would like to support us for extra content, early update access, and character backstories!
And if you would like to follow us on Tumblr and ask us/the characters questions, we're here too!
Way to kill a feast dammit
Sharks are a buzzkill.

Also! We have a patreon page now for those who enjoy the comic and would like to support us!
You can find us here;
Oh man. He's eating him. *chomp chomp*