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Lullabies and Battle Cries

by BluePhoenix9
Four mercenaries, one princess, a corrupt king, a plot to steal the crown, and a fennec.

This should be good.

--updates Fridays--
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7 Years Ago
Four mercenaries, one princess, a corrupt king, a plot to steal the crown, and a fennec.

This should be good.

--updates Fridays--

Recent Comments

Working on my flashback skills. Unfortunately, this is the only flashback in the comic.

Also, you all get to see my very odd handwriting on this page.
@davemation: Oh wow, I'm surprised at how close you got! I did the second one last May too though ;)
I'm gonna guess 1,4,and 5 last May.
I'm guessing top half first.
We finally meet Desya and Flann!

Can anyone tell which of these panels I drew last May and which ones I drew this week? Lol.
@Deonis: Trouble is their middle name.

Actually, neither of them have one.
Stealing? Oh dear looks like these two have already sought out trouble.
"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always freaking out."

Ekun should totes be an Avenger.

...actually no he shouldn't, his current line of work is okay.
Hooray, finally an actual page!

With a super-cute Ekun on it, so hopefully this satisfies, haha.
July 13th, 2012
Unfortunately, there's no actual page this week because of general life craziness.

My grandma is having surgery today, and my tendonitis suddenly got really bad, so I can't ink anything (without it looking like utter crap.)

Have a hug, instead~ <3
@davemation: I just realized that doesn't make as much sense as it did in the story version! Theiss actually isn't very fond of his job, so he's perfectly okay not being the best mercenary in the world.
And yes, his ears are giant and I love them~
I'm surprised he admitted to being the second best finding the first. Judging from that statement alone I would think he should say it the other way around. And you're right, those are some big ears =)
Our lovely main characters Theiss and Ekun have finally decided to make an appearance in the comic.

Thanks for that, guys.

And thanks to everyone who's been reading this and all your lovely comments! It means a lot to me, and I feel like I can't thank you all enough!
Hooray! I'm loving it! I love Flann's face!! :D
@BluePhoenix9: I think it's a great design! I like her!
@Deonis: Not sure how that happened, but thanks for notifying me!

And yaay, I'm glad you like it~
You got a double post.

Also Me starting to Gusta this really big.

Or the back of their heads, more like.

Also, Flann. Creeping. This is honestly all Flann does, but I'm hoping people will like him anyways, haha.