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A Strange Type of Love

by martina313
Dory's life took a whole new turn as an old flame of his ends up living in his house after escaping an insane asylum.

As time passes by,Dory tries to (Once again) win Damian's heart.
Will he succeed?
Or will their 'deal' get in the way?

You can find out in ASToL.

18+ Content:
Sex (GAY sex ohohoh)

I am not English,So my speech may be a little bit off.
And the comic itself might be too,At times. (It's my first comic after all)
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4 Years Ago
Dory's life took a whole new turn as an old flame of his ends up living in his house after escaping an insane asylum.

As time passes by,Dory tries to (Once again) win Damian's heart.
Will he succeed?
Or will their 'deal' get in the way?

You can find out in ASToL.

18+ Content:
Sex (GAY sex ohohoh)

I am not English,So my speech may be a little bit off.
And the comic itself might be too,At times. (It's my first comic after all)


Recent Comments

October 20th, 2015
This comic is slowly turning me gayer and gayer. And i still have 7 chapters left to read D:
You have courage
to post this comment on this site. To drop popularity to stand by something you love.
@Mmmmmmm: Trust me,I have made enough promos,Even made some news posts that nobody even fucking read.


Plus,If you tried to check out my profile for once,You can see a list of my comics,How about dem apples
You should also promo your other comics in your comics. I've been following this comic for a while and I thought this was your only one. You should totally promo because there are probably a lot of other like me who just didn't know.
I know its long, but PLEASE read it >.<
Sorry that people have been rude to you. Sometimes people on the internet can be real jerks because they don't see the repercussions of their actions so they think there aren't any, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. As a fellow artist myself I know it's freakin' terrifying to put yourself out there, and it seriously sucks to get negative feedback.
That aside I did want to say that I am a loyal fan of your comic, and I swear to goodness that I am not even in this for the porn or the gay romance of it all. I like the actual plot, and I think the characters that you have developed are very interesting (and they're the reason I keep coming back even after so much time). I'm sorry if you've hated making this comic, but I really appreciate the fact that you've continued it at all and the amount of work you put in it. If you feel pressured by people into making this comic something you don't want it to be: just don't. People who try to manipulate the story or pressure the artist aren't real "fans". If they want to change the story that badly they can just go write a fanfiction somewhere, it's your story. NOT theirs. What fans think can be important, but it shouldn't completely control the story. Suggestion is good to listen to, not to obey. Take the story where you want it to go, and maintain your integrity. Who knows, you may gain some fans (and respect) along the way. Even if you lose "fans" it doesn't matter, because they probably won't be worth keeping anyway. And the fans that do stick around, they're real, and you should be happy no matter their number because they truly do support you. The number of fans doesn't matter. What does matter is the quality of your work and your satisfaction with it. If you don't like it, how can you expect others to?
Moving on to your injury (yeesh this is getting long). I'm so sorry about your hand, and I hope it heals okay. I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to have to deal with illness/injury and not have people respect it and how you deal with it. I had two girls in my class who didn't even believe my illness existed when all it took was a simple google. I know it's frustrating as heck when people don't listen and won't respect you but all you can really do is ignore them and wait 'til they go away. It's not worth getting worked up over, and all it ever does is make you feel worse. And again I'm freakin' sorry you injured your hand. Personally I have an irrational fear of injuring my hands (because of art) and I can't even imagine what you're going through. Hope it gets better.
Aaaaaand last thoughts for the comic. I wouldn't worry too much about keeping the style traditional. Artists switch styles all the time in experimentation and improvement. All it takes is a simple explanation of why you're doing what you're doing and you're good to go. A change in updates is better than no updates. Again in regard to your own dissatisfaction with the comic, you can always start over (or just go back a bit) if that's what you think you need to do. It's your comic and if you feel it's been swayed too much by "fans" than rewrite it the way you want. It's not all that uncommon a thing to do in the webcomic community, and it may help to resolve some of your own personal grudges with the comic (and you can always archive the old version for those that really want it).
Have I said everything I wanted to say? Man, I hope so, because I feel like I just wrote an essay. Long story short: sorry for the crap you've been getting, but I hope you don't give up on us all just yet. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors, and I hope this encyclopedia of a comment hasn't been too boring or pointless. Anyway I sincerely like your comic, and I hope you feel better.
Love always, TheFanThatWaited
Dear never be sorry for this kind of thing, ever. Comments like these that people are giving are rude, uncalled form and all around just unwanted. You work hard on what you like but people are to spoiled to think about what you like and instead of being patient think badgering the comic maker will be better.

It's fucking not. I liked this story and I never minded waiting for updates if they came at all, in quite like your other comic too, it's nice. You choose what you would like to do, if the comic goes then so be it.

I hope this doesn't happen again to you in the future huh, this isn't fair to you or anyone who works hard on their stuff.
You guys are taking this so swell,I really appreciate that.

I'm sorry if I went a bit too far with that lil' speech there,But I was just incredibly pissed off by all.

I don't want to fully abandon this comic though,I miiiiiight still post a page from time to time if I've got some time left after all the working and drawing my other comic,But I don't promise it'll be quick updates. I just don't like leaving a project while it's unfinished like this.

But in the meanwhile,I'd really like it if y'all would check out my other comic,There's no BL in it,But it's got aliens.
And I'd appreciate if y'all would post a comment on them aswell (Ya don't have to,Though,But most of GC's comment base were ASToL-related questions,Which I all deleted,So yeah it's pretty empty on there ;u; )

But ye.I'm sorry to all.
As much as I like this comic (and not just for the pornz), I can see where you're coming from. Though i have to admit I am amazed that you could even update a comic that you hated. I could never do that, the second i lose interest in something, I abandon it.

I will admit that I tend to go for the BL comics, but i honestly never cared if they had porn or not. As long as it had an interesting story line and characters that I liked, I'd stick with it. And ASToL actually fit both for me so I enjoyed it.
But if you wish to abandon, then go ahead, especially when you get people that act that way towards you, I do not blame you at all.
I'm sorry that you got all of the hate but I hope that your hand gets better and that your work on Deviart goes better than what it sounds like it did on smackjeeves <3
Yeah, there's another really good comic I read 'Birds of Business' that has yaoi relationships, but no porn, and it doesn't even have 10 fans.

It's really terrible sometimes. I'm guessing you were talking about me as that lone commenter, though? Ah, maybe not, I never comment often, but GC is getting really good now that he's (potentially) trapped on Earth.
(a random passerby who was just glancing) but, maaan, that really sucks that you were driven to the point to this. I agree that SJ has its flaws with the amount of ...certain genres. And a comic isn't fun if you're forced to draw something you don't even feel like drawing anymore. (Comicfury is a pretty great place to host and there's a great, active community for comic/art, if you need another comic hosting place). So, good luck with your other comic. Keep doing what you enjoy :)
Ever since I started working on my other comic Galaxy Cruisers again after a long hiatus,People just didn't seem to care.
I never got any comments,Except from one really nice gal who liked the comic,Which I'm really thankful for <3

But as soon as I stopped updating ASToL because of severe issues regarding my hand,Comments /did/ came onto the pages of Galaxy Cruisers.

But boy did I hate them

''When are u gonna update ASToL''
''Why did u stop with ASToL''
''Go back to ASToL''
''Yet no ASToL update...''

You guys may not know,Or may not care,But comments like these on my second webcomic actually really fucking hurt me.

People only like ASToL for all the fucking gay stuff that happens.
But ASToL isn't even 100% fucking original.
I've been working on Galaxy Cruisers for longer than ASToL. Wayyyy before I even deciding on starting the actual comic.

GC has been my favorite story to work on lately,Because it also helps as therapy for me.

During the time I've been drawing ASToL,All I've ever felt was anger and regret,GC truly makes me happy.

I've always been obsessed with outer space,Ever since I was a wee Marty.

But ye,Let me tell you the truth:

I've never liked working on ASToL

The hate I got for it was unbelievable.

The only reason I started was to work on Dory and Dami's personalities and their chemistry together,Then I just slapped some pr0nz in for the heck of it and just fucking look.

Over 300 fucking fans.

Galaxy Cruisers doesn't even reach the 50 fans,And you know why?

It's not a fucking pornographic comic.
So what? Not every fucking comic needs to focus on sex,But that's ALL the Smackjeeves community seems to think about.

You guys are even more gross than some of the yaoi comics on this godforsaken site.

The only reason why I kept updating it was to keep you guys happy,Whereas I never gave a shit about what I wanted or what I felt like making.

And only a handful of you actually seemed to care about my wellbeing after I stated that my left hand gets this intense cramp when I draw traditionally for too long,Which is why I now update so slowly.

But the other part of you kept demanding that I'd update it.

So now I have a little message for you all.

Fuck you guys
Fuck this comic
Fuck this shit
Fuck everything in this goddamn fucking world.

You guys have pushed me to that point where I'm about to discontinue the motherfucking comic,Because it's all you seem to care about.

I'm leaving Smackjeeves,ASToL will no longer be updated until stated otherwise (Unless my hand for some reason magically heals itself but that won't fucking happen)

And I'll fucking move Galaxy Cruisers over to my DeviantART.

Marty out.

Hope you guys don't pull this shit on other hard-working artists.
May 5th, 2015
@I'll think of a name later.: Sorry,Sorry. I'll try to update soon,I've just been way more focused on my other comic XD
Awwww no more :(
March 31st, 2015
@ZHODY the delfinator:
March 30th, 2015


Yeah but anyway,Sorry for the late update,My hand's still not quite well and still tends to cramp up when I hold my pencil for WAY too long,But I'm trying to keep the updates coming!

(In the meanwhile,Why not check out my other comic,Galaxy Cruisers? I've been updating that one again since digital art doesn't hurt my hand quite as much! Besides,I've changed a lot about the entire art style aswell! uwu)

But yeah!


(I haven't drawn Dory and Damian in so long holy fucking shit I apologize for Dami looking so awkward in the last two panels lol.)

Also funfact: The woman's name is Mrs. Bell and she can magically change appearances between pages.

Also the light is on in this room yes indeed.

Oh, I caught up. *blinks*

That didn't take long.

(Now where's the fave button?)
December 12th, 2014
December 11th, 2014