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Sprites for my Comics (And other stuff)

This is for sprites in case anyone wanted to use and/or edit them, also for any opinions on some sprite edits. Also for other random things.

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Sara (Guest)
May 14th, 2014
I will use and I give credit. have a soda. Sure. Just give credit to those who made them, and me for editing most of them.
April 22nd, 2014
@Divine Knight: May i please use them?
@NMA: Thanks! :)
My first ever meme. I decided to do it about Lyla, my avatar, and Kirby FC. Pretty much everything about Lyla is also about me, except for the fighting with Japanese fans and Katanas. As for the crush thing, I have absolutely no romantic interest at all whatsoever. I'm not interested in dating, getting married, etc. I'm posting this here because I don't want to interrupt my other comic's storyline. Plus, this is a comic where I post things I use and such.

The link to the original meme, if anyone wants to do it:
@NMA: Yeah, but I still have to work out a few things until they seem right.
@Luxbot: That is one of the sprites I've been having a problem with. The feet, however, I didn't mess with at all when editing that sprite, and it does look weird. As for the body and arm, I've been trying and trying to figure out how to make it look better, but it seems like no matter how hard I try, the body looks wrong, and it is annoying the heck out of me. And while typing this, I just figured out what might be wrong with the arm. The body I have no clue about, though.
These are really good, but I have one problem with the no shoulderpads.

The 6th sprite in that line looks really off, the arm, the body, and the feet.
My attempt at editing KSSU styled Meta Knight walking sprites so that they are maskless AND shoulderpadless. I'm not exactly satisfied with these, for something with them seems off. If anyone wants to try and fix up the shoulderpadless walking sprites, feel free to, as long as you give me credit for editing it in the first place and give me a link to the completed sprites. Same if you want to make a Maskless Meta Knight KSSU sprite sheet. Because I really want to use these, but I doubt my sprite editing ability when it comes to getting rid of shoulderpads.

*EDIT* I originally changed the 6th sprites body because it didn't seem right. I changed it back to what the original looks like now. It still bugs me for some odd reason, though.
Divine Knight
August 11th, 2012
The original was made by inazumalightning. Unfortunately, they deactivated their DeviantART account and I can't find the original room on DeviantART. YOU STILL HAVE TO GIVE THEM CREDIT THOUGH! I did a slight edit on the room to make it more of an Earthbound style.
@Kumaria18: They so should have done that in KSSU.
@Divine Knight: Oh! Welp... yeah... no problem. XD

And looking at the sprite sheet made me think of what if when you defeat Meta Knight in KSSU, he doesn't disappear when his mask breaks, but he just keeps fighting. But it would probably be a pain since they would make him more powerful. XD
@Kumaria18: Thanks, Kuma! And that was the sheet I used as a reference when editing the sprites. But thanks, anyway!
This is really good! Do you still need the rest? I found this link:
KSSU Maskless Meta walking sprites.

Original sprites ripped by Drshnaps:

This is as much as I'll be posting. Unless I decide I might need maskless sprites, the rest of you are on your own. If anyone wants to make a maskless Meta Knight sprite page KSSU styled, they are free to use this as a source, and edit it as well, because I'm not sure if I did a real good job with shading. If anyone does use this as a source for a KSSU styled Maskless Meta Knight sheet, all I ask for is a free download of that sheet.
An update for this page!

Mainly me posting the links for the sprites.

101gazza101: d3yke2



Jirbytaylor and Random Talking Bush:


Make sure you read the previous Author Comments to understand how this works.
After staring at Kirby and Meta Knight sprites, as well as Maskless Meta Knight sprites, I tried to make a KSSU styled Maskless Meta. I don't think I did very well on it.

Original sprite ripped by Drshnaps:

You see, I wanted to make a maskless Axe Knight. Problem is I needed walking sprites and such. I thought I could use Meta Knight sprites to edit, and looked for Maskless KSSU ones. I only found what looked like GBA versions. So finally, after getting annoyed because I was a little tired, I gave editing Meta sprites from KSSU to make a maskless KSSU Meta Knight sprite. If anyone wants to make a KSSU styled maskless Meta Knight spritesheet with this sprite, I'm more than happy to let you use this sprite. Just give me a free download of the spritesheet when you are done!

*EDIT* I posted my attempt at adding more shading.
Ok, I added a little description to the sheet so people remember to give me credit for editing the sprites. I forgot to do this before, and I just realized to do this now. Once again, give credit to the people who made/ripped these sprites, AND give me credit for editing most of the sprites here as well if I give you permission to use them.
@NakamtheHedgehog: Sure thing. Just give credit where credit's due.