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Play the game of the Gods and you shall lose. In a feudal world where warriors of abilities known as "channelling" rule the realm, four unwilling players are forced dance along the lines of fate, and the cruel games of the Gods. A nameless channeller and his companion Brynook search for the Godstone, an object of legend, not for any noble means, or any sinister ones for that matter, mostly just to fix an idiotic mistake.

Warning: Contains brutal violence, substance abuse, dark themes, frequent, possibly unnecessary cursing and sexual themes.

Also contains cuddles and puppies.

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Here I am:

And goodbye on Smackjeeves!
@enchantedsleeper: Soon! Well, soonish. Daily life and, you know, my other job calls until I can get paid for doing this. *sigh
@enchantedsleeper: He's a smooth dawg.
@enchantedsleeper: Well, the other guy's name is Pippy, right? :p
Noooooo! It ran out! I really want to know what happens next in this confrontation >w<

*waits patiently for an update*
Eesh. xD
Well, when you put it like *that*...
@PikiiDylluan: It'll be revealed...eventually
gotta know what this medication is all about~ xD so curious
@Izu-chan: I'll try unfold them as quickly as I can! Updating thursdays. Thanks!
It's official. Pippy's my favorite character in this comic next to that Irish guy who called himself Curtain. I can't wait to see how events unfold ;v;
November 8th, 2014
They are such a nice family :) I almost feel sorry for the prince
@WildEllie: haha thanks. No one likes being screamed at.
October 26th, 2014
The expressions in the last three panels are just GREAT XD they made me laugh , it is quite a realistic men's reaction!
Very good job!
@Hunter: Now that's what I like to hear! In two weeks time (I'm finishing up a project for publication, and also moving house, so I'm damn busy!) I'll be back to weekly updates, hopefully more! More Pippy goodness to come
Seriously, I just spent all day reading this, and I'm in love.
I'M BACK! I#ll be back doing the God Stone again! After a hiatus of roughly a year I will be back to weekly(ish) updates. My project I am being published for is coming to a close so I will have more time to spend on my own work.
@ranasan: She might...yes the Queen is a young mum.