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Accepting Author Applications

Due to the amount of work behind coding a character and having a limited amount of hands atm Author Battles!
Has a handful of new conditions but as long as your character works when applied to these guidelines your good to go

1.character must be at least a major edit (ex. Not having any features that would make one instantly realise the base char. Such as sonics shoes or exact spine shape)
2.characters features must be translatable (just dont make things so complicated i cant tell whether they are wearing a shirt/ugly christmas sweater- if you have to though please supply me with a drawn picture/pixel art of the design)
3.pillow shading(pretty self explanatory but i tend not to worry about it)
4.your character will have to have been in at least one comic prior to this (minor exceptions)

With the current build of author battles however im being more lenient so dont worry most of these issues can be discussed just pm me before you apply :)

Oh and dont worry how the select screen looks from time to time no matter what i can always fit more onto the roster.

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Author battles (the video game)

Author Battles!

A fighting game project featuring the various sprite comic artists on Smack Jeeves!

Coming a long way since our first attempts at the project Author Battles! Alpha will soon be released for testing.

Story: In the Mobian city North Bluerock the last few years have been full of success, and so the citizens wish to celebrate by throwing a tournament!
Many fighters are going to be present not only from around the world, but around the galaxy as well.
While it has been something the citizens of Bluerock have been planning for a long time, its seems its gonna be more amazing then they could have ever imagined!

"Author Battles Alpha"
Expected Character List :

Amy Rose


Recent Comments

I had free time so i might show the finished product of this took quite a bit, might of done something wrong idk
GAH! Who's that guy with the rabbit avatar!? Oh wait, it's Josephk. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?
So yea, once upon a time I got bored and thought, "Hey I have some free time, what should I use this for?" Then I decided to use it for fixing various problems that both Honey and Zaiku have.

Honey: (Fun-Fact: She could Wall-Jump and do an Air Tackle all along)
o Added a Combo Cut for her Axe Kick.
o Gave her a new Special Move (Down, Back, Kick "Good priority and can dodge certain projectiles")
o Gave her two Hyper Attacks (Forward, Back, Down, Forward, Punch) (Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch "Counters blockers")
o Fixed her intro, lose, and win states
o Improved her AI (Don't worry, it's not too different from the others... but watch out for her Axe Kick, she's pretty smart)
o Gave her some victory dialogs.

Zaiku: (Fun-Fact: If you stop on his 5th Punch Combo, the foe will float and be completely vunerable to any follow-ups)
o Added a Combo Cut for his 5th Combo Punch.
o Allegedly fixed a crash where Zaiku stops on his "5th Punch" and follows-up with a "Light Kick" (Altering an already altered yaccels is apparently a bad thing)
o Gave him two Hyper Attacks (Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch) (Down, Back, Down, Back Punch)
o Fixed his lose and win states
o Slight tweak to his AI (Very much likely to try and punch you in the face when you're near. Also at low health, he'll start charging at ya)

Probable next fix = Lemon (But that is if I find more free time)
See ya!
@abro: It's the end of January.

And i'm plannning a redesign so I can knock the sheet out as I go.
@Josephk: was thinking btw and it seems like a monthly thing might work out

Just enough time for me to put stuff together and things work out with wifi for me to at least be capable of a routine for awhile

So if you can't throw things together in time we'll have another update at the end of next month.
JK still barely has any sprites. Maybe next time.
I'm down to the hyper rush for shady AB
and thats about it...
update coming at the very very end of january so if you guys are gonna update your sheets at all nows a good time as ill have a longer period of time to put things together
before i have to start bug testing on the 29th
Looking good m8!

And Marley's design Improved, since last time we have seen...
@abro: Awesome, thanks man!
@Marley_Proctor: impressive work so far, It'll be nice to finally see the updated Marley in AB If ever you need a complicated animation for a special move or something along those lines let me know I'd be happy to help! The next update is coming this January with bug fixes and full tag comparability but with this much already he'd most definitely be on the select screen!
Yeah I've started working on it more than usual now, but I have no idea when it'll be finished.
Limited hoi. I'd cameo insert the character who's only ever summoned or maybe once owned and still credited to own superfroakie character I use but I'm unavailable, just dropped by to say hi tbh
@abro: I just find the Character's reactions kinda funny, Shadow's like: "...Is anybody going to cheer?", Amy's like: "...Meeeh."

Gokento's like: "...So, What?" while Don's: "...Y U GONNA FITE OR NAWT?!"

We NEED cameos, at this point.
December 28th, 2016
So, I felt the following stages were missing something and while the waiting room is a nice stage with a cameo already it could use more people sitting there waiting yk?
same with the train stage.

Need a lil umph in these stages so i'm taking cameo requests, here are the requirements and rules:

1.Must be animated
2.Cannot be a cannon character
3.No association with anyone already playable characters

not all characters will become a cameo but if your lucky they might
become a cameo in a later stage.
Don't worry for now though
i'm thinking i'm gonna need aloooooot of characters atm, the waiting room and street stages are feeling kinda empty
probably gonna keep the general look of the train stage though, I like the empty feel, maybe only two or three characters for that one still lets go guys let me see what you got!
Made a minor tweak to the dodge animations, don't think it's all that significant, but I digress. I think you may have confused alternate attacks with special techniques.

Citation may be needed though.
Shady return~
So while back made a sheet for shady. So I thought to update it, though it wont be finished in time so heres what i got so far...

Also i'm done the keep in mind.

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