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Yak and Shadow

A comic team that makes ONE SHOT LEFT and PSEUDO SNIPE HUNT.
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2 Years Ago
A comic team that makes ONE SHOT LEFT and PSEUDO SNIPE HUNT.

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holy wow
these have got to be the most stupid things ever and actually id rather just leave it at that
Believe it or not, this was a commission drawing made for my girlfriend and one of her best friends. These are the costumes they wore to Winnipegs C4 (Comic Con) and...yes...they have actually lube wrestled...IT PAYS TO BE A NERD!!!
An original character created by the person who bought this commission.
One of the few requests that is not a licensed character.
Heheh. Serves them right.
I started to laugh when I saw the illustration and read, "why is this happening?" And then I got confused when I read, "not again..." And by the time I read the caption I felt that it would have been funnier if the urinal had been peeing on the guy. Payback! But aside from that, the invisible man is pretty awesome.
One Shot Left's specialty may be HORRIFYING concepts delivered in the most jubilant fashion. Here is a prime example.
This comic has been more popular at conventions than I expected. People always have their favourites at our booth and more than a few have stopped and commented on this one. Why? Not sure....maybe a lot of folks enjoy the idea of a comic that promises not one but imminent deaths.
I was very proud when I wrote this. Of course, my pride has only been inflated since I not only found a clever way of using the Invisible Man...but also got away with publishing a man being pissed on in more than one academic magazine (Manitoban and Uniter).
@casts_a_shadow: This is still one of the more confusing ones we have. I love it.
This comic still makes me laugh every time.
This was the first comic made under the banner of ONE SHOT LEFT. It helps establish our love of annoying conservative newspaper editors. Banishment to the internet!