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A couple of dudes talk about movies, comics, naughty bits, and other junk... OH and webcomics on Smack Jeeves... I guess. It's the Smack Jeeves podcast!
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A couple of dudes talk about movies, comics, naughty bits, and other junk... OH and webcomics on Smack Jeeves... I guess. It's the Smack Jeeves podcast!

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Blip doesn't think we're worthy of being heard on the same platform as the Nostalgia critic.
Why have the shows been removed?
Wow here I am finding out about this more than a year later...BUT WOW! Thank you for the Shout-out! >u<
I didn't know strip search existed and I went and watched every episode as soon as you brought it up its pretty dope and its hilarious how horribly boring webcomic artists are. You guys should interview a spriter/yaoi person and ask them all about sprite/yaoi I think it'll make for an interesting interview. What about that person who made that legendary pikachu yaoi comic? go interview them. Ask them what went wrong in their childhood.
Good work guys, though I guess there's a lack of....direction or confidence or... I dunno, I mean personally I gotta ask what do you guys want/like/look for in a webcomic? because you say your not gamers so.... gaming comics seem out for most part, sprite comics you don't seem able to touch because you're nit "part of the community" so it seems like your situation with guests is a result of limited options due to taste? I dunno.

Though I dare to offer a suggestion for something you could potentially do to have something to talk about and that is well... just pick a random comic, doesn't need to be a popular comic, just an ongoing comic, give it a read and talk about it or the genre overall

Im also personally curious about the history of Smackjeezes cuz I swear i missed out on an entire era and I'm just curious what happened ad if things just aren't the same because I keep getting that kind of impression.
Glad I'm following the rss feed for this! will listen in a bit!

edit:awesome pic btw! and i forgot to sign in :p -neon drive
Penny Arcade
We talk about webcomics for once!
Boss as always, gentlemen. A tip of the Stetson to you.
How come I've never seen this?! I had no idea there was interviews of different artists on SJ. This is so awesome! And a pretty good inspiration to me as a newbie. :)

And thanks for all the comics you mentioned, I now have something to check out when bored! :D:D
I'll with thoughts after I watch it.
Good episode guys! always fun to see these return...though was this episode recorded awhile ago and only posted today?

Also Yah....Deviant Art h've become so distant from just because....I can't be bothered! It's too much work to post anything on there.

AND lastly... answer this here or in a future episode but what is your view on Sprite comics? kind of Plugging myself admitingly but I like to think I'm part of the good ones that try to push the medium and wondering if you guys will ever feature an episode on one... or the smackies when that happens, lol
I've always gone by Tooch outside the internet, but I stopped going by Tezzle because I wanted to differentiate myself from my character, Tezzle, especially since I changed Tezzle's gender to female. It'd just be confusing.
DAT ART. DEM COLORS. Thats the most kawaii desu shit i have ever seen in my life. And since when has tezzle started going by TOOCH? TEZZLE WAS A GOOD NAME.
The Long awaited interview with Falconer, author of Witch's promise and her autobiographical daily comic!
Who here is all guilty of running headfirst into comicking?

(raises hand)
Topics include the hobbit and Game grumps.

Look out next week when our gust will be Falconer, Author of Witch's Promise and we'll also be talking about her hilarious Dailies.
God, I enjoy this way more than I should.
@reverendjack: yeah, that's what I love about smackcast. As soon as I push play it's time to draw some comics!