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Pyroxenite's Life and sprites

The life of this demonhog and his buds, and some sprites

If you wanna be in the series PM me or comment. PEACE!
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The life of this demonhog and his buds, and some sprites

If you wanna be in the series PM me or comment. PEACE!

Recent Comments

holy shit those were my most cringeworthy sprites back then
Oh wow! This image was replaced! Thanks Dropbox. ._.;
Ah the good old days.. I had these for a while. I was going through old files and rediscovered the first 4 keys on the left going to the right. It brought back memories o3o so i decided to finish what I started here and finish up my set. and my friends set...and anyone who asks for a keyblade....or a doughnut....and coffee....
imma try and go animated soon
this is one of the victory poses from sonic generations
Ok so now that I'm done with this I'm going to be continuing the Hell Chapter series when I can starting 10 years later. Hopefully you'll understand how Divine here fits in
ik im rarely on now but i've been workin many jobs lately and rarely get a chance like this to upload. sorry peeps :P
@Kurona: even though im half a year off on this: yes i did know :l
September 14th, 2013
Lol I remember this ... I think that was my most ulgy sprites
@Super Bluey: ............ SUMMARY STORY TIME: Divine Rosetachi. Male, 12 (now 16) Born with a demon sealed inside him, was able to use the power of the demon as a summoner's beast, but eggman sought that power and tried extracting it from his body, BUT something went wrong where zack and kiba tried saving him and ended up causing eggman's Extraction drill to go hay-wired and ended up fusing divine and his demon together, soon Pyroxenite was formed slowly from blood to an actual physical form.
He originated from an Pyroxen parasite?
Divine Evaliant Rosetachi
where else you think pyroxenite originated from?
You know technically, Darky's first comment here WAS a form of criticism.
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: No, i just plain out don't give a fuck.

@DarkScarz: you just answered to me just now. you contradicted yourself
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: Darling, i don't have to answer to you, i'm batman.
@DarkScarz: Okay so you made an unoriginal commenter then stole my joke to use it against me like someone unoriginal would.
So you're just unoriginality incarnate then i take it?