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May the Rain Come

May the Rain Come

by Zimeta08
William Weasel returns home after seven years of war only to find his hometown deep in a drought, and his life eerily empty and devoid of meaning.


May the Rain Come is rated PG-13 (for depictions of PTSD and scary moments).


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May the Rain Come

William Weasel returns home after seven years of war only to find his hometown deep in a drought, and his life eerily empty and devoid of meaning.


May the Rain Come is rated PG-13 (for depictions of PTSD and scary moments).



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@albatrossed: Thank you for reading it! ^0^ If you liked it, share it with your friends so it gets a little more love.
Just picked this up on a whim and wound up reading the whole thing. I'm sobbing a little, but am also really impressed with both the story and artwork. Great job! And thanks for sharing it with us!
@SicklNyx: Thank you! If you liked it, feel free to recommend it to your friends. ^.^
I just finished this webcomic and I really loved it. The story was so touching and beautiful. I really liked the way you used the colours around different people it really set the mood of the pages. I enjoyed reading this so much!
@markoatonc: It's not weird or stupid at all! (I'm actually a doctor in real life).
Thank you for reading it--I'm happy it had such an effect on you!
Thank you
I just found this comic... and I want to thank you... I have couple mental issues, including momory ones (I cant remember people well, I never knew if people at school werr my classmates or not, their names, who were my teachers...) made worse by unusually strong ability to emphatically "feel" what otgers do... especially the bad feelings... this story had really big effect on me as you can imagine....

And there is more... I love to read, and sometimes, very rarely, I find story which does something to me... affects me so much that when I finish... I cannot move, and all my emotions, memories and thoughts, "flood" me.

When That happens I feel like I can do more about myself than ever, I can help muself with my problems.

Your story did it... I hadn't had it happen for over four years...

I am 23 year old with emotional stability of 12year... and so little thinks help me. Your story is one of tue few things that do...

And for that I am Thankfull... I know how weird and stupid this comment might look... but I just want you to know how much this story means... I just wish there was an option to download it... So i can keep it, even if the hosting dies...
@Candor Zofain: Thanks! Even just one recommend is so nice of you!
@Huntertallonian: Thank you!
I loved it
Yeah, this was a wonderful comic to binge read. Loved the colors, story, characters, everything.
As a frequent webcomic reader (especially furry ones) I appreciate this even more so for your unique species choice. It helps your comic stand our and help deviate from all the bias that has developed over the years.
I'll definitely recommend this to people in the future.
I read this comic way back when I was in middle school and had to wait for the final updates and I loved it so much I never forgot its name.

Years has passed and I came back to reread it again, it's still a beautiful story and one of my favorites. If it's printed fully into a book, I would love to buy a copy just to have it physically and reread it anytime!
March 19th, 2018
@PanPowsinoga: Wow! Thank you so much!
This comic was great, a great job on your part. I can easily put it in my top 5 and I have seen many great stories.
March 18th, 2018
@Kevin_Redcrow: I would say dogs since Jimmy Stewart was one in feivel Goes West. :D
I see.

Now I'm wondering what animals the Bailey's were in It's a Wonderful Life.

March 18th, 2018
@Kevin_Redcrow: It's more like a SIMILAR world. :)
Some things are like ours, others are different.

The clerk listed real movies!

I thought this story was in a different world.

Cheers for the great period-feel to the backgrounds!
I like Will's idealistic way of handling the offered discount.

I think the same way. I was given a gift voucher with a rather high value the other day. But I won't use it, or even give it away. Why?

Because the voucher is for a discount retailer notorious for mistreating it's employees. The voucher is also only good for a product line I don't currently need.

It may sound selfish to not give the voucher away, but do not want to patronize this business even indirectly.
January 13th, 2018
@Gore-chan: Thanks a bunch!
January 12th, 2018
I am so in love with this. Your art feels so alive and in movement, and I love the colours you've chosen for all of this because it really feels drought-y and beautiful. It reminds me on my parent's place in cali and all the deserts there. This is amazing.
December 17th, 2017
@Bingo: He sure did!