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Crafty Smith

"The names Smith, Anthony Smith and you sir just saw the extent of my patiences!"

Follow the crazy adventures of Anthony Smith, an oddball man of crafting and magic.


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That guy deserved to be shot in the face
Mystery guy: Now, follow me nice and eas-
Athony: Fuck NO!
And good riddance.
My boi dis was awesome
Lovely gunhole you got there
Is it just me or are we several pages away from Anthony going all 'John Wick' on this guy?
Also that guy just crossed a line he shouldn't have
Oh, now he's done it. :u
And then Anthony pull out a rocket launcher and blows him up. The end.
Tomorrow is another day.

Well... Maybe.
itza gunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fight
You can't fool me that's a [binary]
That guy... is a guy, alright.
I'll trade my Gibus for that Australium pistol, add me on Steam, brah.
Someone's been playing Goldeneye
We've gone, GOLDEN boys.
What's jumpin chick?
The Green Mask?
If a gun doesn't work, he can always try out two guns.