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Crafty Smith

"The names Smith, Anthony Smith and you sir just saw the extent of my patiences!"

Follow the crazy adventures of Anthony Smith, an oddball man of crafting and magic.


Recent Comments

Just use a gun. Guns solve all your problems.

(always back up your things in folders in case of need)
Finally, I got it done. Sorry for the delay folks.

Word of advice for creative makers. Try to make as many assets as you can so you don't end up in a mess where you're making your stuff while at the same time, making the very thing you wanted to make in the first place.

Until next time.
The Narrator changed into a sprite inbetween the last two updates.
Where's the spell tome that gives me the PS3 those internet popups promised me 12 years ago?
Oh no.

Family drama!
Voiced by Forgan Mreeman
The password really means "Please do not steal my cup of noodles, they are for my dying wife."
Cyfrinair is password in Welsh.

You would think that the magic school had magical anti-mugging defenses.
They don't teach you that in school
Wizards, witches, warlocks, and snitches.

Plain and simple, isn't it?



I don't know, stop looking at me like that!
Kinky, like stampeding cattle through the Vatican. Smith ya done goofed, oh hey it's Drifty.
YanYan you deredere