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Not sure what I'm doing anymore ♥

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@DazedCloud: if you mean PC game, then yes!
It looks really interesting :) So, it's gonna be an internet game?

The tumblr page for the game I'm working on has just opened to the public, so please give it a looksie.

Sorry if you all thought this was an update, I'll get on those soon!!
June 9th, 2012
Don't cry :( I love the way you drew the blood tears; I'm eager to see how this continues!
That's all for tonight folks.
Last Animation
I just wanted to play around a little, there'll probably be no more animation because I'm never in the mood for it.
I'm absolutely sure that there is positively nothing that could possibly go disastrously wrong.
I'm game! But, I warn you, I bite. ;) jk, again. love your art!!!
@DazedCloud: I dunno about DEEP, but I sure hope you enjoy what I have planned!!!

@ReasonsforNitemares: I am a lovely lady and I enjoy all the other lovely ladies, yes. But gay marriage is still illegal where I live. Let's go to vegas, baby!

@ CASEY I KNOW THAT'S YOU: The favourite option is the star at the top of the page I THINK? I'M PRETTY SURE?
love it ^^ wheres the favorite option?
Best Friend!~ yay!
May 31st, 2012
I really like this. I love the color choices and how simple the pages look. I get the feeling this is leading up to something deep...or maybe I'm just being stupid. :x ignoremystupidness
Anyways, can't wait to see mo pages!
@ArtificialKilljoy: M-marriage? I uh.... Ok... I hope you're a girl... and alright with a wife... .///.
That actually sounds like a good idea!! Way to go, head!!

[EDIT] I forgot his black nails, fixed
May 30th, 2012
@ArtificialKilljoy: the feeling is mutual u//v//u ♥ ♥ lolol
@ReasonsforNitemares: Oh hi why are you so nice and where can I sign the marriage agreement???
@ArtificialKilljoy: I think its because its FANTABULOUS! I like it. It reminds me FLCL within the sense that it means everything and yet nothing at all! >u< It confuses the hell out of me, makes me smile and giggle a little, and provokes deep thought. Thank you for making this comic!

@ReasonsforNitemares: I HAVE NO IDEA

@SIDEPROJECT okay I'm seriously in love with you ♥