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Follow the adventures of Patch & Adam as they travel the world, fixing (and causing) one problem at a time.


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January 15th, 2014
Even if I had a year I couldn't apologize enough for this
I am profusely sorry to everybody for this (those who were waiting for an actual update in particular) but after some extended self-meditation, I have decided to drop Chapter 0 and start the hiatus now.

What this means:
- The comic HAS NOT been dropped, it's being reconstructed to give you (the reader) a better experience (i.e. I'm trying to get good in drawing and stuff)

- When the comic returns, it will resume at Chapter 1

- Unfortunately this implies that Chapter 0 is non-canon, and that is correct I'm afraid.

- I don't have any set date for when this will be updated again, but you can watch the progress at my DA (, where I'll be uploading concept art, doodles, and such.

And I think that's about it for now, thanks to everyone who showed their support, and I'll make sure to make it up to y'all in spades.
"Sorry for taking so long"
He whispers as he fades back into the abyss.
Ask box now open on Tumblr =O

If anyone has any questions, any questions at all, then feel free to ask them here :3
@kingdomhearts: =O Psychi is excited!
I couldn't stop laughing, or and psychikos I gotta big surprise for you from my comic :D
God, how that no time to think panel made me laugh.
@L.E.T<3: Thank you very much :)
Hopefully I'll be able to highlight the colored pages later on.
this comics amazing * u * the pages you colored look great!!!!!!
@kingdomhearts: I will try not to disappoint. :3
I indeed love suspense
If this story goes any slower...
One Piece will conclude before I get to chapter 1!

(╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\

I'll have the next page in the next two days I swear ;w;
21 days is too long >:( i'm very cross with you Psy! (hasn't updated this week either. Shhhh!)
@L.E.T<3: I colored it in hopes of making it look better than it actually is (/noshame). Incidentally, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and color the comic pages from now on =O
@CrippleCakes: He's playing the highest role a villain could ever hope for...the not-cannon-fodder character. :3
that talking safe sure is smug! wonder if our bandit friend is going to play a major role in the story??
omg a colored page. <333 im in love
awww poor patch :(
I really love where this is going can't wait to see what happens next XD
permission granted. honored you like my art // o u o //
@L.E.T<3: Got your other picture, and it's absolutely beautiful! ◕‿◕
As soon as I can get a dedicated fan art page up, I'll post both your drawings so everyone can see (with your permission, of course) :).
Ta Da
It's up!

Psychi: 1
Life: 9999999999999

Moving on, my friend sent me a hilarious drawing of one of our many zany conversations that she posted on the last page, but I'll repost the link here so everyone who comes by can see: .html

This was drawn by Smackjeeves user K.M. Towne, whom has amazing drawing skills and will hopefully grace us with a comic in the near future =O