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The Kilted Samurai fufilled the Prophecy and saved the world. Now what purpose does he have?


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love the comic...robo-samurai-manga parody greatness...
e0NHQC Wow, it can be truth
September 9th, 2007
this is the end...
October 19th, 2006
So, Ishouldn't poke him with a stick then...
October 18th, 2006
Thanks for the art critique Cricket!

I like your suggestion on the art, may be expeirmenting a bit with borders. Namely I think if I stick with the black bold outlines for characters but do background borders in darker shades their main color (ex. dark gray) it'll help differentiate the two.
October 18th, 2006
He's not dead, just taking a break. Remember to check back here in a month or two!

More info in News section.
Your writing is very good, I liked the strip making fun of Anime battle scenes.

As for your artwork, it could use a bit of work. Granted, I've got to give you a lot of leeway because it seems the etire comic ws done with Paint. But there are some ways you can improve your art, for example, you could give our characters bolder outlines, which always helps to make the characters stand out from the backrounds.

Your backrounds are very well done though, You must have some serious stamina to sit at your computer long enough to do them. Though again, bolder outlines could help them too, and maybe you could even do those outlines in color, so they look better and more professional, but don't stand out more than the Characters.
October 5th, 2006
No comic this week (I've got two half done) just filler. Sorry!

More filler at my secondary comic Roly Poly Adeventure Buggy:
September 14th, 2006
She really is a fun person we just caught her at a bad time.
well, that was anti-climactic to say the least.

i like the way all the tree is made, it are cool and fancy n the i's are funny too
breaking the sjeeves
Hey sorry about taking so long to post; disease and college were taking their toll. This comic is really only going to be funny if you know your anime conventions. But look pretty colors!
Kat was a woman? Is a woman? Wasisa woman? I mean, of course! Um.. fuck.

Hey, I like the irregularity at which these comics are posted in.
September 2nd, 2006
August 19th, 2006
aahahaha fuck i should delete those but I wont.

I think what i was saying was this is the worst strip in the best comics of the comics on smackjeeves...yes thats what I can vaguely remember thinking that night. And I thought I explained it so clear then too.
Yeah, I know, I said I'd update Mon. Wen. Fri. last week and ended up taking a week hiatus instead. Sometimes life gets in the way though.

I don't really like this page but I'd basically had had the whole thing assembled since last Thur. So rather than scrapping it I just polished it up and posted.
S'OK, I get fuckeds sometimes too. Ya just needs ta avoid the internet when your fuckeds.
but its still better thatn anythig else Ive seen here

its all crap[

edit: sory inmm fuckeds
i have no idea what i just saw that sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1