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Accepting Author Applications

If you wish to apply, here are the rules:

1. Missions can be submitted by anyone, but they should make some sense. Any stupid mission suggestions will be automatically denied.

2. No Mary Sue/Garry Stus. We want this to be interesting not worthless.

3. You will have two months to post an update. If at that time you are still unable to, you must have a valid reason otherwise you'll be kicked. We aren't unforgiving, we will understand if you tell us a legit reason.

4. All authors are allowed one extra character. These characters will placed in the Allies section.
Apply as a Co-Author
Do you crave adventure? Do you seek grand treasures? Power? Fame? Heck, even a toilet?

Well then, the Authors Guild is your kind of place then!

We might throw in free chocolate if you do.

Recent Comments

Well... RIP Author's Guild. And we had so much potential...
December 2nd, 2014
Overreaction much?
I'm not leaving anytime soon.
@SuperScratchkat: You've had a lot of life problems so I understand and I can't wait to see it.
@Randalf the offline rhino: Note taken fixed.
@plokman: bullshit your last update was in july and ive updated 3x more than you have :/
imma update in like a day dont worry
Don't blame your selves. I'm not fully done with her. Go ahead and keep working on ideas for it guys.
Aaaaaand I am also at fault here. Shit. '^'
Sorry for never working on that comic like I said I would, Plokman. :s
Geh I had hopes for it too. But I was the only one updating besides you and Gyoshi.

I hate to say it but I may have screwed up again.
I had a really good feeling for this comic, but once again...

I shouldn't have placed my hopes up high. Sorry but no.

Besides, nobody is going to miss me.
@BuddyT: And thats why it must be destroyed.
His magic glowing rectangle holds much information.
so how many of these author characters actually know they're author characters hmmmmmm
By the way, I am going to make an actual comic. That gif was just for laughs.
Oh hey, the 50th page is a "LIVE COMIC" comic. CELEBRATE.