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Rebooted edition.
A bl story set in an alternate era of the 1920's.

I should warn you bl means yaoi <3

Recent Comments

Is this webcomic still a thing? :)
@Komapsunida: Um, do you know what that means? It's not just something silly and old-fashioned that Loki says in the Avengers. Maybe look that up?
"Our kind"? So they're either nonhuman or this place is just really, really racist. I can't quite tell.
this page is amazingly pretty XD
Stalked you off Tumblr :) OMG Kaodate looks scary!! MORE!!!!!
January 28th, 2013
All the eyes, very serious and the last one is scary.
@pringu: Hehe suddenly bodyguard!
Thankyou very much my dear! <3
January 13th, 2013
someone to the rescue ! haha
this is such a lovely comic uwu really interesting so far! <33
@wilderulz: Was it really that long ago? jeeeshus 0_0;; Haha I'll try and not let that happen again;; and yey! thanks!! I try my best^^ xoxo
J-J-July!??!! Wow, I'm really glad your still doing this!! It's a treat for the mind and for the eyes ^.^
@Moondragon: Aw^^ Its nice to be back^^ I'll try and be more punctual xoxo
Nice to have you back!
@lovelessbutterfly: Aw thankyou dear! Sorry about that^^;; I do have more pages stacked up to be inked and rendered^^;; Hope you had a lovely xmas xoxo
ive been longing for an update, and it is as beautiful as i remember!
Its been a while^^;
@CX1989XC: My God!!! ...I actually didn't realise that! XD Ooops~ maybe nobody else will notice ~ I did start off with them having cat ears~ but I didn't like them like that so wanted something more streamlined~ dang ^w^

....I did enjoy that show ^^//
@Xianide: Hee <3 Thats lovely of you to say so >_< Its those lil fiddly bits which give me an ol artist boner hohoho <3 xxxx
@Conwant: Thankyou my lovely! Its... yeah I'm not a huge background fan, so like tough parenting, you force yourself to work on those aspects the most XD but seriously thankyou, that means a lot^^

I'll try and hurry with the next page I'm sorry I'm slow uploading;; I' moving house so am kind of preoccupied;;; sorry;;; xxxx