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anyone who wants to join.
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Kingdom Hearts:Rebirth

1.No Godmodding.
2.You can start of from anywhere from 1-20 no higher.
3.Your character must be a creature that has existed in the KH universe(i'd prefer you Kingdom hearts/the world ends with you sprites) (I.e: I don't want to see sonic running around with a keyblade.)
4.If you make a new class, please write a description of it.
5.Try not to be a dick.

Recent Comments

good stuff, despite what you said, you've gotten better, and nice recolor!
Amatuer Hour
I hope you are nice! Even though I joined a long time ago, I am not a master at sprite comic creation.
@shadowmwape: nah, we're fine on those things, but if you want post, go right ahead, :D it's all a learning experience.
@JayTheMonk: Actually, I got into the grove of things and made a recolor. I may just make that the first post.
@JayTheMonk: I also could create a sprite hosting site for this comic
@JayTheMonk: nah, but i can act as a admin for the comments.
@Deltaman: if anything just recolor a sheet, and then use those until you get competent ones that give your character a bit more personality.
December 25th, 2016
i like where you're going with this lol. would join in but i need my own custom sprites and i suck at making those.
@shadowmwape: nah, thats cool, but out of curiosity are you any good at html?
@JayTheMonk: Nah. I was not a good spritist back when I tried it out. I am happy to read them, but never really got into making them. I can make assets for you like holographic stat sheets or custom letters if you want.
you should join the fun dude, these comics are most fun when people are there helpin along
Oh My!
Never thought I would see this again. I am happy that you are continuing it though.
So now after this, i'll be able to display more of the "game", which i'm excited about. that second to last panel was a pain and i got lazy, so I didn't bother recoloring them.

Edit: damn couple error, i'll fix those up.

Got it now.
wow, this is been dead for a while. great job reviving this man.

i've had low motivation to do sprite comics but over time ive been slowly gaining motivation, and with this being brought back im definitely fully motivated.

im joining in on this man. lets do this, i definitely wanna make kh comics a thing again too.
Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone! I hope anyone reading this is having a great holiday. I've been struck with inspiration this past month, and with more of a plot set in mind, hopefully a ton of people come in to help and be a part of the fun. I really want kingdom hearts web comics to be a thing again, and what better then an online game idea that worked so well before!