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The adventures of three twenty-somethings and a female android fighting their way through the galaxies biggest Battle of the Bands. Exciting right?!
On hiatus until further notice. Sorry!

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October 30th, 2013
@VanSavesLives: Thats a very good explanation. I always thought this comic was similar with another comic i love, sidequests with the funny faces and dialogue. plus i was wondering why bcne stopped updating so suddenly. But hey maybe one day you two get together and finish it up.

*throws confetti for the parade*
October 30th, 2013
@CrimsonStar: I had considered this initially, but I feel like my artist really added to a lot of what made the comic what it was. She wasn't just drawing words I gave her, she did a great job of fleshing out my ideas with the way she did things, conveying emotions with the way she did faces and blocking panels to help direction and timing, to the point where some of my humor was based soley on me knowing she'd draw everything exactly how I saw it in my head. Id love to come back and finish this, but I'd have to feel the same way with another artist.
Wow... did I just write the most BORING response in the history of smack jeeves? Someone throw me a parade!
October 27th, 2013
@VanSavesLives: theres ton of willing artists at deviantart who would draw the comic with you if you still want to continue the comic.
September 8th, 2013
@AshFisher: I actually came up with the idea and did the writing but it was a comic I did together with an artist. She was super awesome but time related stuff forced us to end. haha I don't think anyone wants to see something that I'm drawing... oh man, I just scared myself even thinking about that.
September 7th, 2013
WHA!? You should totally return to drawing this!
September 2nd, 2013
@Diseasedface: Unfortunately I had to end abruptly so this was the last page, but its still nice to see people find it and enjoy it. Thanks a bunch! ^__^
September 2nd, 2013
Absolutely marvelous.

Awww poor nickleback.

Your comic is stunning <3
September 2nd, 2013
PAHAHAHA! Panel three and i'm hooked o n your comic! Your description of the characters is witty and snarky in a delightful way, the characters visually are relaxed yet some how unique, and he pure silliness and intrigue the story invokes is lovely <3
Very sweet.
April 16th, 2013
Just throwing this out there that this page is missing shading. I mean this is still totally the coolest page! But it's been a week, and it's starting to bother me, and then I get nervous.
April 15th, 2013
I need to get this paged framed!
That Nickelback jab was priceless.
April 8th, 2013
hah! good one xD
April 5th, 2013
HA! Nickelback joke... Classic.
Bashing Nickelback with Style...
March 30th, 2013
Yes, I love explaination pages~
March 22nd, 2013
@TH3GADFLY: haha good one. i need to check out more of those videos.
March 22nd, 2013
March 15th, 2013
Hahaha! Oh, Luna...
March 15th, 2013
March 1st, 2013
Awesome. Just awesome.