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Sprites For Adoption

this is where viewers and other people get sprite sheet 100% no blurred
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7 Years Ago

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the one who has no blurred sprite sheets pls
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Sprites For Adoption

this is where viewers and other people get sprite sheet 100% no blurred

Recent Comments

Heya, i am curenty working on a serie on youtube and i must say that these sprites where just what i needed to finish the senario, they are perfect for me ad look great.
Dont worry for the answer you have all time, i will need them for maybe a few month back or maybe in 1 year who kno?
JPG? Really?!
I would use these however if you're going to post a sprite sheet as a JPG you're out of luck.
It's really cool that you make these for people. Yet no one is going to accept a JPG image. You can't use Sprite Sheets like that. It just doesn't work. If you could possibly reupload the sheet as a PNG image that would be real nice.
Bad Quality!
i can't use this crap it's so blurry! when i save the image it comes out all blurry and crap!
sorry guys i am only 9 i have school so yea but its our sem break now finally i can post again here's adventure time
i just might "adopt" thi
I adopted this.
Thank you.
super mario bros z
this reminds me of the cancelled series super mario bros z
Okay, comic, I appreciate how you put up sprites so other people can keep them. That's really cool. Not saying I need them, just saying. My younger brother can use these.
hi uld you put a yoshi like sprite for me and can we use these on our own comics
@Sonic_TheHero: yeah so thanks
@MXD: thanks but i am going to post first the normal then metal
@MXD: He posts JPGed sprite sheets that he didn't make! Oh mah gawd, that's amazing. *SARCASM WAS USED*
how its done
@mryoshi2002:just right click and save image then done
@MXD:yes why promblem :D
ill adopt
ill adopt the jumping hedgehog