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my life. only not.

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January 26th, 2008
now that is a ....strangly funny page :)
January 14th, 2008
ARGH, what the fuck, anthony! CAN'T YOU DO SHIT RIGHT?!

I didn't work on the comic late in the night so you put up a fucking FILLER

You were supposed to put up the actual comic, you stupid shithead.

January 13th, 2008

Somehow I find this even funnier than the one before. It's everything I dreamed of and more!
January 13th, 2008
We'll have an RSS for reminders.
January 13th, 2008
I would probably never remember to check the new site for updates, especially if said updates aren't scheduled.
January 13th, 2008
We don't really know yet. It depends how many readers make the move with us, I think. We'd really like if everyone read us there though.
January 13th, 2008
will you still update here at Smack Jeeves after the move?
January 13th, 2008
There you are Charlie.

The reason we have a filler today is, as kyo said, that we are moving to a new server!

Kyo was trying to make a comic for today actually but he had spent the entire day coding for the new site and only had half an hour left to do today's, we ended up with a half-finished comic so I decided to post this filler instead, he's going to be super pissed.

So don't think we're going on hiatus while we move, we'll likely be done moving in a few days anyways.

Our new server will have it's own domain name (So you won't have to write down the long address we have now for your friends!), e-mail addresses (So you can contact us! <small>and we can ignore you</small>), internal image hosting (so there'll be less chance of the comic going down), and plenty more perks we'll be passing on to you!
January 13th, 2008
~KYO~Good news, folks! We are moving to our own server soon. We'll keep you updated
Please, post 2, 7 and 8 together as a filler before the next comic. It would be awesome.
Riori, I disagree. It wouldn't have been clear enough what's going on, thus causing more confusion than hilarity
I personally think we should have just used 2, 7, and 8.
I did this for Christmas. It does look very nice, actually.
The nun is my favorite character.
Nuns can't fly. Too much junk in the trunk.

This is, without doubt, the best use of silence in any comic you've done so far, and indeed any comic I've ever read.

So yeah. I need new decorations for my tree next year.
Nuns don't ride buses. They can fly.
I'm scared... >.<