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A street rat is given a second chance when he is dragged from the gutter and into a new life. Will he accept his position at the side of royalty, or fight every step of the way?

-Rated M for sex (M/M, consensual), violence, nudity, language and dark themes.-

-References to child abuse and sexual abuse.-

If you can handle these subjects, I hope you'll enjoy the comic. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Comment on Page 342
:D (Guest), 12 Oct 2015 05:26 pm
Hope Mr. fancy hair's father can accept their feelings
The guard without a beard is so concerned about the Mr. fancy's desperation, telling him to not go there.
Also, Mr fancy hair is demonstrating an intimate relationship with the guard without a beard.So passionate, I must tell all of their actions is full of love.
We must respect the newborn romance raised from a memento of pain and anxiety :O
Mr. fancy hair needs someone to take care of him, to be brave next to him and to definitely ward off the tears
and heal the wounds of not knowing what is happening.
(Loke and Teivel are witness of the overwhelming desire flowing from those two )
Comment on Page 342
Ninhursag, 10 Oct 2015 06:43 am
Poor sod...Wow, you created Teivel 10 years ago, that's a long time. The character in my story (I have it in my head I only wrote the beginning some years ago) would also have been created ten years ago next year.
Comment on Page 342
MoonByte, 10 Oct 2015 03:21 am
Hm, that guy looks kinda like....
Did Amadeo die?
Comment on Page 342
Annausagi2, 09 Oct 2015 06:30 pm
Oh, hey! It's... that guy... Mr Fancy-hair... from like a billion pages ago. Anyone remember him? A-anybody?


@r-o-t-a: Oh gosh, I'm relieved to hear that x,D I tend to struggle with drawing movements at times (even if the final result ends up looking alright, it still took me quite a lot of trial and error).
And thank you for the comment on the characters :,3 That means a lot, too.

@ErintheGayLemur: IKNORITE >:V I mean, yeah, part of it is because he knows he'll be toast too, if Teivel were to perish, but....
*Shushes self* NO IT'S BECAUSE TWU LUBBB >:V

@MoonByte: He'd probably stare blankly at him and go "Mh :I" xD
Uh-oh, those tears might become reality any time now... D:

@:D: And that's when Teivel fell in love~~ :3 Watch him swoon.

@Ninhursag: Hahaha, he's probably reacting surprised because a lot of things, like you mentioned. xD Part of it is probably: "WHY AM I PINNED AGAINST THIS WALL IN A RATHER UN-EROTIC WAY?"
Awwww, no you :,3 (Seriously though, thanks for the compliment <3)

Oh, that's right... I created Teivel (well, the basics of him... which have changed a lot since then, thank god xD) almost 10 years ago now, and I recall giving him that name cause OOOH HE'S SO DARK AND ... EVIL. 8V *A bit embarrassed about him keeping that name* I didn't know about the meaning of Sigismund, though, I just grabbed that name from an old, Swedish king. xD
At least Loke has the excuse that his name isn't his "real" one, but a nick-name...

@Rosacanina2: *Tosses all the cookies your way for remembering Finneus* :,3 Someone remembered~~~

@AeryonSun: I love that protective Loke, as well :D(Protective in the not-Edward Cullen sort of way, duh).
Gahhh, thank you, too, for the compliment on the page. :,3

@filiasan: Finally he actually does some bodyguarding instead of just standing in the background going: "Mh :I" xD
Comment on Page 341
filiasan, 08 Oct 2015 07:29 am
He'll be a good bodyguard.
Comment on Page 341
AeryonSun, 05 Oct 2015 11:54 am
This page is nice! I love seeing Loke protecting Teivel! This page has such movement in it! Drawing movement is not a skill every artist has (I sure don't) and you have shown more than once that you are fantastic at it and this page is another example of that!
Comment on Page 341
Rosacanina2, 05 Oct 2015 12:09 am
The victim is friend of Finneus? And who it can be, dark haired boy (page 271) or blonde maid (page 196)? Real murder mystery, so if anyone is even dead. o_o
Comment on Page 341
Ninhursag, 04 Oct 2015 06:35 pm
Loke getting into his role as protector, I like that a lot <3
I don't know what surprised Teivel more, the person appearing suddenly or the quickness of Loke's reaction.
I agree with @r-o-t-a I really liked the movement and the fluidity of the panels and how you translate that scene into comic format, Anna-chan, you're really talented ^^
Btw, I just searched the meaning of "Teivel" and it says it's from Yiddish and it means "devil", interesting thing to know.
Also, Sigismund is a Germanic word which means "protection through victory". Seems like Teivel likes being victorious and receiving protection through Loke he might achieve that ^^
Comment on Page 341
:D (Guest), 04 Oct 2015 05:46 pm
Teivel as whitney houston is the best !!! Sarko knows how to do a good comment :D
As i can see Loke's a possessive child !!!! Boy, takes it easy and calm down ;D nobody is going to steal your everything!!!
Teivel is feeling this moment under his skin and so do i.
NOBODY is going to tell me otherwise....I'm crying with this showing of affection, they grow so fast ; 3 ;
Comment on Page 341
MoonByte, 04 Oct 2015 05:32 pm
................I can't even begin to imagine how Loke would react to Djinni. Like, how would he deal with someone like that xD

And I have no idea who comes running there. Aka, if the person that got killed is relevant or not based on the person that will probably break down in tears any moment now.


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