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A street rat is given a second chance when he is dragged from the gutter and into a new life. Will he accept his position at the side of royalty, or fight every step of the way?

-Rated M for sex (M/M, consensual), violence, nudity, language and dark themes.-

-References to child abuse and sexual abuse.-

If you can handle these subjects, I hope you'll enjoy the comic. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Comment on Page 304
:D (Guest), 28 Mar 2015 01:08 pm
Alistair is the dog of our Duke
As a sensitive person Loke can sense instinctive feelings like fear.
The shaking hand shows how Teivel is just a little boy who do not know how to swim and was thrown in the pool just to learn.
Comment on Page 304
annanndstann, 27 Mar 2015 05:52 am
bro you got something on your face
Comment on Page 304
BurstThrough, 26 Mar 2015 10:57 pm
Is it cause blood splattered on him?
He's afraid of blood of people he dispises?
Comment on Page 304
Quadrant, 26 Mar 2015 08:51 pm
Not surprised that he needs a minute. Being an evil mastermind is an emotionally demanding and physically draining thing. Hard to run your entire schemes without at least some staff to delegate to.
Comment on Join us on TWITTER!
Annausagi2, 26 Mar 2015 08:45 pm
@ErintheGayLemur: Not as much as Loke cried when the bird built a nest and laid eggs in there. 8(
Comment on Page 304
Annausagi2, 26 Mar 2015 08:43 pm
That guard is Alistair, by the way. Not even sure if any of you remember him; it's been ages since he made an apperance. xD'


@ZHODY the delfinator: I'd reckon that Loke would've been useful if Teivel was the one being attacked and not the other way around. xD

@Quadrant: I know, right? At least he's covering the wound up... and it's totally not just because he's in severe pain, but because he respects those carpets, dammit!

@RiaInMadness: I remember when I first showed my friend this page and she saw that blood-drop in panel 3 and went: "Did Teivel always have a mole there? ... OOOOH wait..."
Seriously, though, thank you so much for the compliments :,3
To be honest, I would've chopped off at least a hundred left hands (I'd have to learn how to grow more of them) if I decided to do so whenever I saw the work of an artist that I envied. xD

@Neven: *Insert crappy Pokémon joke about how "Annausagi2 used PROTECT!" etc...* And thank you! I'm glad you like the facial expressions =) They're usually such a pain for me to even get them to look decent...

@potatoe1988: I was gonna make a joke about how Teivel probably has a list of people he's stabbed in the limbs just because they pissed him off, but then I realized that one of those people is RIGHT THERE ... 8I'' (Alistair, the guard, whom he stabbed in the arm way back).

@:D: What if he actually made one of those high-pitched Mariah Carey-wails, though? D8
Although, yes, he would probably do much better as a musician xD
Comment on Join us on TWITTER!
ErintheGayLemur, 22 Mar 2015 10:28 pm
Comment on Page 303
:D (Guest), 22 Mar 2015 10:44 am
Bruhn have to do an audition for a second vocal of Rammstein
I shouldn't enjoy Teivel's sadistic expression however i'm enjoying it so much!!!
Burhn stop the grave cleaner work cause your future is in a hardcore rock n roll stage, screaming your entrails off of your body :O
Comment on Page 303
potatoe1988, 22 Mar 2015 06:53 am
Or maybe he only needs a bodyguard in the first place because he's constantly pissing people off by doing things like stabbing them in the hand?
Comment on Page 303
Neven, 22 Mar 2015 12:19 am
@Annausagi2: Yes! Please protect me! D: Protect me from these beautiful pages I might hurt my eyes...or something.

No, really. Teivel is looking so..intense. It amazes me a bit how good you can draw their facial expressions in this situation. They really give off the right feeling. ...well you know what I mean?

And oh no! Poor Brunhilde now he has a hole in his hand...and heart. QAQ


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