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A street rat is given a second chance when he is dragged from the gutter and into a new life. Will he accept his position at the side of royalty, or fight every step of the way?

-Rated M for sex (M/M, consensual), violence, nudity, language and dark themes.-

-References to child abuse and sexual abuse.-

If you can handle these subjects, I hope you'll enjoy the comic. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Comment on Page 286
Mr.Q, 19 Dec 2014 03:24 pm
He gets away with everything.I like the way you fill in the panels it dosen't feel too empty...
Comment on Page 286
:D (Guest), 19 Dec 2014 10:17 am
kiss on the bathroom and Teivel
Emmerich's party was the event of the year!!! Rosén got wild and had new experiences with Sir Bruhn Cumberbatch and Teviel knows ...as I can see now Sir Rosén is eating on Teivel's hand MUAHUAHUUHA Teivel is so evil, me gusta ;)

Yes and i think this is going to be the "good traits " in Teivel personality that Loke is falling in love with :) * bring to me the romance*
Comment on Page 286
WandaWalker, 18 Dec 2014 07:44 pm
Haven't we all had our bad days where we viciously murdered people? Guys? Come on, be honest. We're all sinners here.

Blonde guy (forget his name) looks so much like Cumberbatch on this page. :T
Comment on Page 286
Annausagi2, 18 Dec 2014 07:17 pm
I love when I haven't worked on the comic in a while and everyone, especially Teivel and his hairdo, go all off-model. No, really I love it. Yup.

*throws chair* >8U


@:D: I'd like to think that he cares about them, too. The guy's an ass, but one of his good traits is that he's loyal back to those who are loyal to him. xD
And I agree, gtfo, Rosén... and I still stand by the statement that you were kissing Bruhn in the bathroom!

@Neven: Uh-oh, he's putting on his smug face on this page. TAKE COVER D8

@Mr.Q: "LAYLA TOLD US!....oops."

@BurstThrough: He'll then proceed by running after them and shouting: "I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! I'LL EAT YOUR BABIES!"
Such a sane man he is, that Feadorché... 8I

@Anastasia: 8,> Oooh, thanks, glad to hear you like the nose-diversity. xD! I gotta remind myself to actually sit down and draw character sheets for once, so I don't forget about which noses they were supposed to have. <_<... oh, and other facial features, of course, but most importantly: NOSES!

@Dumah: The poor bby =( I'd probably be worried if I were him, since it's pretty much a death sentence for him if Teivel let's him go.
Comment on Page 285
Dumah, 15 Dec 2014 06:43 am
Aww, Loke's face :( "They're right..... Now he's going to kick me out....." *sad panda*
Comment on Page 285
Anastasia (Guest), 14 Dec 2014 04:46 pm
Everyone in this comic has excellent noses.
It's not often that you see such nose diversity in a webcomic xD
Comment on Page 285
BurstThrough, 14 Dec 2014 02:12 pm
My guess he'll say something like:
"I don't enjoy having bullshit thrown at me!"
then he'll either extort,threaten their families and/or weath or say that at any time he can set loose his body guard serial killer(points thumb at Loke) at 'em.
Comment on Page 285
Mr.Q, 13 Dec 2014 10:34 pm
Spies I tell you!-There SPIES!
Comment on Page 285
Neven, 13 Dec 2014 06:58 pm
Ha! Feadorche is taking none of this bullcrap! > < Loke will stay!
Comment on Page 285
:D (Guest), 13 Dec 2014 01:22 pm
awkward pause, awkward look...
Let's talk about Sir Feadorcher's behavior ...such a possessive man but i can sense he has value and a love for those who are less...

he got a deep scar on his mouth for nothing?! Just drink the wine and go back for your wife and child Rosén and takes your gossipy friends with you!!! Loke is not happy but he is safe on Teivel's side



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