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A street rat is given a second chance when he is dragged from the gutter and into a new life. Will he accept his position at the side of royalty, or fight every step of the way?

-Rated M for sex (M/M, consensual), violence, nudity, language and dark themes.-

-References to child abuse and sexual abuse.-

If you can handle these subjects, I hope you'll enjoy the comic. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Comment on Page 310
Dumah, 26 Apr 2015 06:23 am
"This fucking room" looks amazing! I'm jealous of your skills and patience. I don't usually bother with perspective unless I have time for it... ^_^;;

Yeah, I find it a little therapeutic to write my own script where those kinds of problems aren't just swept under the rug right before the "happily ever after."
Comment on Page 310
Alex (Guest), 26 Apr 2015 05:23 am
It's weird to see this well-composed man suddenly so vulnerable. I wonder what made him lose that composure. Maybe the blood reminded him of his mother's fate or something?

By the way, your art continues to amaze me. Just look at that bed!
Comment on Page 310
ZHODY the delfinator, 25 Apr 2015 10:45 pm
Looks like he can't take blood very well after all, eh?
Comment on Page 310
ErintheGayLemur, 25 Apr 2015 10:32 pm
Loke: On second thought hug me senpai
Comment on Page 310
BurstThrough, 25 Apr 2015 08:00 pm
I wonder if it's cause it smells like his mother or it has her perfume.
maybe it just it's just cause it was hers.

Loke should hug him.

Cute as fuck pages these...
Comment on Page 310
Quadrant, 25 Apr 2015 07:22 pm
That bed too big for just one to sleep in it. XD
Comment on Page 310
Midnight-Luv, 25 Apr 2015 06:55 pm
Hehe by the way i love this room ;P
Comment on Page 310
Annausagi2, 25 Apr 2015 05:46 pm
This fucking room, I swear to god...! D8<


@SGK: xD Makes me wonder if Loke had done so if Teivel asked him to. "I'm not actually hugging you, alright, I'm just kinda squeezing you between my arms... so there."

@ErintheGayLemur: Again, wondering if Loke would've complied... *day dreams* ... yessssssss.... :3

@Artzyl: I agree, they made my day. xDD (Well, all comments do, but you get my point... I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS, OKAY! D,8)

@Midnight-Luv: xD Nom that cookie good, you deserve it.

@Mr.Q: Teivel has always been drawn with such dainty hands... I might as well make it canon, already. D8 Lookit those small paws.

@Dumah: I know, right... << Or when anxiety/depression is expected to get magically healed by the power of ~love~, since that's shown quite a lot in media even nowadays.
Anyway, those are a few of the many reasons why I'm so determant on trying to realistically portray anxiety and panic attacks in this comic. xD I hope I'm doing okay.

@:D: Hahaha, unfortunately, Teivel didn't want any near contact with anyone at the moment. Still, Loke's respecting his request to be left alone, so there's that. :3
Comment on Page 309
:D (Guest), 23 Apr 2015 04:34 pm
"L-Loke, take off my clothes it's suffocating me..." Teivel said blushing a little
* received the slap with honor* You are the best !!!! Thank you so much!!! Now i'm a new person i can keep going :D

Loke knows how to treat Teivel... He is doing so right and i'm thinking so wrong *wink wink*
Comment on Page 309
Dumah, 23 Apr 2015 03:46 pm
Oof, panic attacks... I like when people try to advise you to just stop being so stressed. Like yes, let me quit my job and never leave the house or drive anywhere ever again. SO EASY, BRO.


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