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PMD Explorers of Heart
This comic contains blood and possible death later on.
The world is in chaos. The legendary Pokemon have begun to lash out, causing agitation and hostility to sweep across the country. Pokemon are starting to become affected by The Rage, a mysterious 'illness' that causes them to revert back to their feral mindsets. Mystery dungeons are popping up all over, and as more Pokemon become blind with anger, more rescue teams are appearing as well.

Erika, a young Vulpix, can't remember a thing from her past aside from three things: her name, her age, and that she used to be a human. With the help of an Oshawott named Zeke, the two join the Cinccino Guild in hopes of finding out what exactly happened to her - and what is happening in the world, and whether the two are connected or not.

My internet as of right now is REALLY TERRIBLE and I sometimes go weeks without it. This makes keeping an update schedule hard, as well as real life and work getting in the way of my personal hobbies.

Updates - UNDEFINED. (hopefully Mon/Fri)


Latest Comments

Comment on Chapter 4 - 117
X man (Guest), 01 Jul 2016 05:15 pm
Trés bien
Means very good not to be rude or anything gust though I'd say it.also like the comic I've read two times and on my third keep it up.
Comment on Chapter 2 - 46
DarkBeam (Guest), 24 Jun 2016 08:18 am
I dun geddit
But... Seek told Erika he was scared a few pages ago. Was she not paying attention or something? And he told it to her so casually, yet here he's making a big deal out of it .-.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
pmdcomix, 12 Jun 2016 04:52 pm
i'll tell you
@evil-Umbreon: I HAS MONY
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
GuyroMaster (Guest), 05 Jun 2016 04:25 pm
@evil-Umbreon: Vaporeon?

*glances at the color scheme* And here I thought it was a Blitzle. It has the same coloration which is what really confused me. White-ish hair fin thing also made me think blitzle too.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
Flamelight7, 05 Jun 2016 09:33 am
Wartortle forever alone.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
Pok fan 1 (Guest), 02 Jun 2016 02:22 pm
Wonder if Leo has some connection to the two zoroa? Or if it is just some random name?
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
Aura9301, 31 May 2016 01:01 am
@NikNW: and if an earthquake just happens to come by...
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
evil-Umbreon, 29 May 2016 07:46 pm
@GuyroMaster: Vaporeon!

I forgot to draw the top fin on her, and when I realized that it was too late so I just...winged it ;v; plus she's halfway hidden and very tiny so I didn't bother too much with the small details.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
GuyroMaster (Guest), 29 May 2016 01:39 pm
Who's that Pokemon?
In the last panel, in the far left corner, I see Espeon, Leafeon, and Flareon. But what's the 4th one? It's not a Umbreon so what Pokemon is it?
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
evil-Umbreon, 26 May 2016 10:45 pm
or else what? :3c
@pmdcomix: I assume you mean Erika getting a crush on Zeke or vice versa


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