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PMD Explorers of Heart

This comic contains blood and possible death later on.
The world is in chaos. The legendary Pokemon have begun to lash out, causing agitation and hostility to sweep across the country. Pokemon are starting to become affected by The Rage, a mysterious 'illness' that causes them to revert back to their feral mindsets. Mystery dungeons are popping up all over, and as more Pokemon become blind with anger, more rescue teams are appearing as well.

Erika, a young Vulpix, can't remember a thing from her past aside from three things: her name, her age, and that she used to be a human. With the help of an Oshawott named Zeke, the two join the Cinccino Guild in hopes of finding out what exactly happened to her - and what is happening in the world, and whether the two are connected or not.

My internet as of right now is REALLY TERRIBLE and I sometimes go weeks without it. This makes keeping an update schedule hard, as well as real life and work getting in the way of my personal hobbies.

Updates - UNDEFINED. (hopefully Mon/Fri)

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@Aura flame: Not necessarily. Dragon Rage does a flat 40? damage (or 65 in the MD games, at least Rescue Team), while Ember has, as I recall, 40 base power in the main games. Not exactly the same thing. If the pilot to the never-was PMD:RT anime is canon though, it doesn't take a particularly strong attack to parry a fixed-damage attack, though on the other hand, that was a Night Shade, thus fixed to Gengar's level, which in the games is 15. Thus Jade's Dragon Rage is likely to cut straight through a low-power Ember.
the emolga so reminds me of pmd rad's chatot.

he REALLY does not want them to pass...
@rym218: well, it depends.

both ember and dragon rage have a damage of 40. however, fire is not very effective against dragon. but if Erica is a higher level than jade she will either block it or cut through it.
rex looks like a pony...

Panel 3. Far left side. It's been, like, what, a week? and the instincts of Erika's new body are already taking over to the point where she's licking her paws to groom herself.

No one ever let her near a fire stone or the results could become difficult to deal with in surprisingly short order.
@evil-Umbreon: Summer is kinda what I was figuring, myself.
@stormygamer: As much as I would like to continue the comic right now, I have to focus on school at the moment. The next couple pages are sketched out so when I do have time I should be able to pump em out kinda fast....but as of right now the hiatus will continue for an indefinite amount of time.

As things are going now it might not continue until summer, I've got....a lot on my plate haha....
Is there any plan for the next page or will it be on hiatus for a while longer?
@evil-Umbreon: it is all the pages and I use safari on my tablet.
February 26th, 2017
@Aura flame: Is it just the latest page here, or ALL pages? If it's all pages what browser are you using? it might be some kind of error/problem with the display of my...theme (is that the word?) or somethin. I'm not sure I'm not tech savvy or anything I'm just trying to offer some help, haha
Aura flame
February 22nd, 2017
Is it weird that I cannot see your pages? Whenever I try to read the comic I only see white pages. Does anybody else have this problem and how can I fix it?
@evil-Umbreon: lol I just thought you had died because of college. Well good to know that this comic will live on (later)
February 21st, 2017
@stormygamer: Hi there :) Just popping in to let you know that the comic isn't dead! I've just been super busy with school and work, pulling 40 hours of work and 16 credit hours of school is...not easy, let me tell you.

@LavenderLeaf: I can't really say actually! Hopefully, IDEALLY soon, but I've fallen behind in a few classes and need to focus on that. I've been wanting to work on it for a while tho, so hopefully that will be some good motivation to get stuff done so I can draw!
@LavenderLeaf: probably not for a while, i think this will be the end for this comicn (insert unhappy face here)
February 17th, 2017
Will there be an update soon?
Rune Knight
February 4th, 2017
"Wait, you kids... aren't kidding?

"In that case, let me laugh even harder!"
@ultra: Um, whaaaaaaat?
poop piuches, he or she is so weak
Is Butterfree related to Sans or something? CAUSE ACCORDING TO BUTTERFREE'S DEX ENTRY, IT ISNT ABLE TO DO THAT!!!