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This comic contains blood and possible death later on. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. (haha no just giving you a heads up)
The world is in chaos. The legendary Pokemon have begun to lash out, causing agitation and hostility to sweep across the country. Pokemon are starting to become affected by The Rage, a mysterious 'illness' that causes them to revert back to their feral mindsets. Mystery dungeons are popping up all over, and as more Pokemon become blind with anger, more rescue teams are appearing as well.

Erika, a young Vulpix, can't remember a thing from her past aside from three things: her name, her age, and that she used to be a human. With the help of an Oshawott named Zeke, the two join the Cinccino Guild in hopes of finding out what exactly happened to her - and what is happening in the world, and whether the two are connected or not.
Updates - UNDEFINED. I want to keep my Mondays and Fridays update schedule, but work has gotten very busy and I'm working five days a week now, so until things settle down I'll update whenever possible.


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Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
GuyroMaster (Guest), 29 May 2016 01:39 pm
Who's that Pokemon?
In the last panel, in the far left corner, I see Espeon, Leafeon, and Flareon. But what's the 4th one? It's not a Umbreon so what Pokemon is it?
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
evil-Umbreon, 26 May 2016 10:45 pm
or else what? :3c
@pmdcomix: I assume you mean Erika getting a crush on Zeke or vice versa
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
pmdcomix, 26 May 2016 05:22 pm
crush or else
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
Guest, 26 May 2016 05:00 am
*Mos Eisley cantina music starts playing*
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
NikNW, 25 May 2016 09:49 pm
I really like the idea about suspended having seats for flying pokemon, thought it'd be a little awkward for the people blow them.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
Nashew, 25 May 2016 07:34 pm
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
9rainbowtails, 25 May 2016 05:58 pm
Is Leo a Luxray?
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
9rainbowtails, 25 May 2016 05:57 pm
I see that the restaurant is mostly run by electric types.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
Gothimo, 25 May 2016 05:57 pm
They even have tables for the flying types. That is good service right there.
Comment on Chapter 4 - 140
evil-Umbreon, 25 May 2016 05:44 pm

Sorry this page took so long guys ;v; life is being a bitch lmao but hopefully I'll be back in full swing now!!

I'm all done and graduated with school, and I only have to worry about work for a while~ So hopefully art can pick up again :'D

if not...well, I'll try to get more pages done asap ;v;

I'm hoping to get to the end of chapter five by the end of Summer at least, which...that seems like a very short term goal, but...yeah <w<;;

aaahhhh Leo's Cafe! I'm super excited for this next part!


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