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The Flower and The Nose

A "nose" is the expert whose fine sense of smell and skills in smell composition brings forth the creation of perfumes.

Lani's nose did not come with just the ability but with a physical disability as well: the size.
It was forced on her, as a child, by the curse of a flower that only bloomed once every thirty years.

Growing up with a huge nose did not prove to be easy but, eventually, Lani managed to turn the disadvantage to her advantage and created a perfume industry whose perfumes and essences were number one in the world.

Nevertheless power and success did not take away loneliness and that lingering feeling that something really important had gone missing.

After thirty years it was time for the flower to bloom again.
The flower she hated so much, the flower she wanted to cut down... that's when strange things begun to happen and a mysterious man appeared in her life with the firm intention of changing her ways for ever!

Thus begins the struggle between the Flower and the Nose!


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This guy is an adorable muffin!
If you miss The Pirate Balthasar - it will be back soon in a few weeks - meantime you can play a drawing game with us:
Someone to maker her happy?
Really? I thought scrolling would feel easier than clicking. :/
As interface is so much easier for me to use though T_T
Is the App not good either for you?
Noooooo, I haaaate Taptastic. I'll do my best to read this on there, but I find the platform so clunky and difficult to use.
That's fine Deda, I already have it subscribed on there
Hi guys,
there's about 200 of you here.
I was wondering if you would mind shifting to another platform from next chapter onward.
I am overly packed with work this year and keeping everything in one place would help me enormously.

I hate to leave SmackJeeves but let me know what you think and if it's okay with you.
Well the Elephant is trying to cheer you up
Who could resist that face
She has no luck
You could always try tilting your head
Well you'll learn
December 20th, 2016

Check out the mark of cain :D
December 14th, 2016
Ah, slow internet connection, why you resubmit my page so many times? T_T
thanks for letting me know, 'll go delete the extra ones :D
December 13th, 2016
The mark of cain is already looking great :) btw:page 16 is posted multiple times?
December 13th, 2016
I keep remind you guys just in case you miss it :D

that mark of Cain has started.
December 10th, 2016
Yes, it's copics and acrylic ink for the inking.
I don't retouch it digitally. The copics are just very pigmented and happy :D

The only thing I do digitally is the cutting out and lettering :)
but the drawing is all traditional - there is only one page done with watercolor because I had forgotten my copics at home.

I love your avatar! Tulio ftw.
I'm very interested in the medium you use to do your comic in. Its very beautiful. The colors just flow together greatly and its very soothing. Not only that your plotline is captivating. I want to say that they're copic markers but something tells me its traditional mixed with digital? Or am I mistaken?
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