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August 7th, 2012
;___; I wish my mom would come back from town with a pokemon for me
July 31st, 2012
This comic looks pretty cool! :D
Felix Wind
July 30th, 2012
Glad I could help.
You just gave me a cool idea!
Cool cover, can't wait to see what happens^^
oh haha i just found it on google images
cool pictures
I have cool pictures of real life pokemon but I didn't find a cool ST where did you get it?
I'm back and i have a cover for the first chapter
now to start the next chapter
This is really cool^^
Hello people,

I have an important anouncemant.

as you can see chapter 1 has come to an end
but i will not be able to start chapter 2 for
a few weeks beacuse i will be gone for a while
just letting you know.
July 9th, 2012
YES Spiritomb! :D
thanks for the idea ill do that
you should put what moves pokemon are learning, using to decrease stats of opponent,and using to increase your stats,but some moves can decrease your stats in boxes when your character gets his pokedex.
thanks man!
No i don't think i'm doing cameos,

@tyrannabunny: Its when characters that aren't yours appear in the comic.
Hey, this comic is pretty awesome, bro. :D