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The world has always been filled with mystery and wonder. Some of them had already been solved, others are still unsolved to this very day. It is such mysteries that makes us wonder what the world really holds.

Find out what wonders shall be discover as a group of travelers set out into the great unknown, destined to travel the world and see these mysteries unfold.

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And then this comic never updated again~.
Good job, Ultimate. This will do nicely. I can work with this update. Nice job since I couldn't think of an actual script.^^;
yes you are a convict now get the handcuffs back on
Hey all!
So it was my turn to update. Here we take even more time to establish our characters and I hope I did it right without going off track from GMC's idea of what this page should be.

Not much else to say.
Please rate, fav, and comment.

Boys I suggest running before Silas kills you for leaving him behind
Heh. Nice page.
Was in the mood to update this comic so I did. Ultimate should have the next one once I work on the script.

Until then, check out this out while stalk- I mean, LOOKING at Royle's profile. Y-yeah, no ideas of taking over his life or anything, HA HA HA HA...*Throws plans into closet* -page-01/
Holy shit, you got done with it fast. O_O;

Nice job. And yeah, I do admit, I do go overboard on the script. -_-;
You think Silas' scripts are long? Wait till you get a load of-- *shot*

Nice page.
@Royle McCulloch: Kami: Tell me about it. *grumbles*
Royle: Hm. This universe has a much different perspective of good and evil then mine..
I'm gonna punch Silas in the face I swear to-

*AHEM* Anyway. Hi! I'm the person that made the gray lioness known as Rena. So it was only fitting that the task of giving a rough idea of her backstory would fall onto me.


I did take a few creative liberties but only where GMC gave me permission to take creative liberties. For the most part I stuck to the script, aside from a few random grammar fixes here and there.



But yeah, you'll probably be seeing more of me considering how stupidly fast I tend to get comics done. It's sort of a problem.


...I'm just gonna go to bed before I get more sidetracked. See you around!
@copafire: "You burnt my food!
*walks into resturant* hello, I would like to eat it a bad *sees silas* you!
April 29th, 2014
No, that's not what Atto looks like, but you're close! BD
Hello again folks. For those that are wondering, yes, Royle, Shard, and Ultimate are now authors of the comic. The reason for this is because they agreed to help me out with making updates here and there. I thought I could do it myself but since I have other web comics I need to work on such as Chivalry, I just couldn't keep updating this quick enough. So I asked them and they agree that they will help out with updates here and there if I give them the script. Now before you ask, no, I am not accepting any other authors. These guys will be enough for this comic. So anyway, expect some more update then before.

Oh, and Shard's got the next comic once I get the damn script made.
January 30th, 2014
alright... -stuffs one end of the rocket launcher into gmc's mouth and fires-
@copafire: Just shoot me now. T_T

@Shard: ...I might consider it.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog: ...CURSES!! D8<

@Royle McCulloch: But I don't want to suffer from them!! DX
Sorry, you need to be aware of your own consequences.
Too bad Ed isn't your friend. He could pay for it.