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Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


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So many facial axpressions in this scene - 99% of them variations on "contempt".

And in case you don't remember: Yes, she did - namely, on this page, all the way back in chapter 2:

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Talking heads - one of them hooked up to a mysterious machine...

Updates will from now on be daily! ^_^

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New pages will from now on be uploaded daily!

I need to thank alejkhan ( ) for introducing me to Mansun, a british band which sadly disbanded in 2002. The last line on this page is a quote from their song "Six"


In fact, it's the last line of dialogue in this whole comic.

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Okay, this should satisfy everyone... right?

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To stop the series of death threats I've been receiving ever since I posted the original ending, I am willing to admit that it was all a hoax. THIS is the real ending. As you can see, everything is resolved in a much more satisfying (and, from a storytelling point of view, much more ingenious) way.

Tomorrow: Alternative ending, page two.

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I'm still having trouble reconciling the "sex part" of signifikat with the "philosophical" part. signifikat was very much an outlet for me to just vent about what people say and think about how (inter)sexual relationships should or shouldn't work (or generally, people trying to tell you how men are or aren't and how women are or aren't). Suffice to say, I can't stand the clichees.

And indeed, comics can be therapeutic.

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The updated version of the cast page. I'm uploading this as the first bonus page to give yesterday's ending a bit more room to breathe -- But, starting tomorrow, there'll be more daily comics! That's right, COMICS! ^_^

I edited the "Baker" info a bit, because I'm always on the verge of giving away a spoiler here. But the connection should be easy to make - or should I say, easy to have been made on the third-to-last page of chapter 6.

Also, the clowns' introduction must have seemed very random in chapter 4, but if you go back to the very first page of chapter 1, you'll actually see the designation "clown" on the communicator/messenger Princess is using.

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THE END! Well, I don't really know how I should write a comment for a last page, because the comic should have said it all...

Maybe a little "behind the scenes" info: The last five pages were drawn on June 22nd and June 23rd - never before had I spent as much time on drawing comics as on those two days. I felt that I had to work continuously on the final scene to really keep track of its "feel" and keep it coherent.

Please keep watching this space, as there are going to be a few surprises in the coming days. Updates will continue daily.

I'll save my final farewell and thank-yous for the last update. For now I'm just curious to find out what you think about the ending, or about the whole comic, now that you're looking back on it.

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Brace yourself - there's only one page left and it will update tomorrow!!.

Man, it's barely three weeks ago, but I don't even remember how I came up with the Schrödinger quote. It definitely wasn't by coincidence; I had read "What is Life?" a few years ago, and some parts of it lingered in the back of my head.

I must say, I was pushing myself on this page, and I only put in all the details because I knew this was the last chance for me to ever put in details while working on this comic! :P

Okay, what's happening here? It's fairly obvious to me, but hey, I might totally fail at communicating it, so I'll just go ahead and say it: Sunhra ate Ed and thus gained his special ability. As he said in chapter 1, his will travels along a current, and Sunhra being connected to the city's power system... well, let's just say it doesn't bode well for the city... or the rest of the world. Everything's connected these days.

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Continuing our [b]daily updates[/b].

The 2nd and 3rd panel attempt to make a few connections which have been there all the time, but have probably been far from obvious. My concern is that they might still not be illuminating much. On several occasions, I have been promising the big reveal about how the prologues and the main story connect, and while the next pages will still add a few bits, I might have promised too much.

When people read my stories, the one reaction I get the most is "Yeah... it seems to make sense somehow... but I don't get it." People feel dumb, and that's not what I want. But I might provoke this reaction all the time. That's my big dilemma. On the other hand, some people seem to like the details in these complex constructs, even if they don't "get" the whole of it. Either way, I just hope that for anyone reading this, it's somehow worth it.

Also, if someone does think he got it, or has a theory, let's hear it! I do like stories which encourage the reader to come up with their own theories.

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Oops, she really did eat him! Okay, so time for talking is over...

Fun fact: I added that creepy smile in the last panel because without it, it had seemed more like the engine-things were attacking her.

Thanks for reading and commenting! Updates will continue daily.
Frankly, I don't know how any of my future characters are gonna top those nipples.

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Nora gets one last grand entrance... because she demanded it.
(Has anyone noticed she traded her Western outfit for jeans and a tee? But no way is she trading the hat.)

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Man, there are so many things I don't like about this page (I'm having a bad art day coupled with an emo day). I do like the dialogue though.

How can this mess of a comic ever be resolved in only 9 more pages?? Well, maybe it's some kind of miracle machine which will punish the bad guys, marry Ed and Sunhra and have them live happily ever after.

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aw man im behind, better start reading again :)
Sorry for the delay! Buuut I guess it's still Thursday on the other side of the globe. ^_^

Also, only ten more pages! The countdown has begun!

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Exposition... had to throw some boobies in there to motivate myself ^_^

Oh, and I hope the "conductor" pun works in English. I'm not really sure. You tell me.

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Okay, the last panel is supposed to be a homage to a hugely important panel in comic history... which you can look up here: :3

Also, you've seen the grunting guy once before, even if you don't remember! You might want to take a look at ch. 2 pg. 19 ( ) to remind yourself.

Thanks for reading!
Hey look... it's Mrs Wong! "WHO??" you say. Well, she's the one looming in the background in the first few pages of chapter 2. And that was really all she was required to do on this comic. But I didn't want anyone to think I'd forgotten about her, so - ta-daa - she gets another appearance. Originally, I had planned for Nora to play her part on this page.

Also, why does the comic have to end now that I'm starting to get the hang of drawing the characters? (Seriously, has the mean doc's hair-do ever really looked good before this page?) It's just not fair... T_T

Thanks for reading!
The imagery in the top panel goes back all the way to chapter 1, page 2 (or even page 6 of the first prologue). It gives a nice sense of closure, I think. And I had fun drawing Sunhra again.

Also, I know now how it's going to end. Okay, I can hear you saying: "You know NOW? While you're already working on the final chapter??" Well, I've known how it was going to end for quite a while, sure. But only in a very straight (and thus, potentially uninteresting) way. I had always been looking for a twist to give the ending more depth... and that's what I just found. Phew! :P

Thanks for reading and commenting!