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How do I comic?

by PeejsterM
Here, I pull all the stops. I will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong.

Requests for certain topics can also be taken.

Also, check out the below.
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How do I comic?

Here, I pull all the stops. I will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong.

Requests for certain topics can also be taken.

Also, check out the below.


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Now you're just resorting to ad hominem.
I am old enough to watch, yes. I am a grown adult.

Now, I think I'll unblock you in a week's time. If you can come up with something intelligent to say then, that's good. But, if you're going to keep posting like an idiot, you'll stay blocked.
@PeejsterM: I'm sorry,I didn't mean to,but the drawings don't have to be that good,but not bad,why don't you take a look at South Park,is it because you're too young to watch it?
Either you calm down, and stop posting like an idiot, or I'll block you.
@Guest: It's true you a**hole.
You go away.
August 5th, 2013
Go away.
@PeejsterM: The drawings don't have to be that good to entretain,it has to be funny,I mean,take a look at South Park,it has bad animation and not very impressive art,but it's funny,and had lines that became MEMES.
Regarding the "Make the head bigger and add custom face and mouth," issue, wouldn't it make a bit more sense to do custom pixel art heads for close ups? In real games, if they needed to show character close-ups for dialogue boxes or cutscenes, that's what they did. And if you wanted to simplify it, you could make one blank head and accumulate custom expressions as the story required them.
April 30th, 2013
@Pakie: That's how they did it, but the bigger question is why anyone would do all that, see the end result and say "Yep, that looks good enough to put up on the internet for everyone to see."
@PeejsterM: You know what,I'm gonna be negative from now on,you are annoying.
No,I'm not gonna be,APRIL FOOLS!
jesus christ you make a lot of comments
@PeejsterM: can't you just grow away
December 29th, 2012
@PeejsterM: hi id like to say Im sorry for being mean :'(.
In my apologize Ill fave ur comic and subscribe your channel (I made a youtube recently).
December 25th, 2012
@PeejsterM: merry christmas
December 23rd, 2012
@PeejsterM: Let's end our nemesis OK,just like Mario and sonic did.
December 23rd, 2012
@PeejsterM: yes
December 21st, 2012
Do you plan to grow up any time in the future?
You want me to be negative? I can be really, really negative.

The issue here is that I tried to give you ways to improve and you did not take any of them into consideration. You haven't improved in the slightest, actually.

From what I've seen, your comics still have the very same issues as they did when I got onto you about it. For example, "Mario Sucks at Pokemon" makes it extremely evident that you do not know how to use transparency, much less resize sprites properly.

I once made a comment on your "fly or fail" entry promoting "The Holiest Crap". You deleted that comment. You allowed the other comments to stay, so obviously you have some personal vendetta against me. And then you say that you "AIM your gun at PeejsterM". If the only way you can think of getting back at me is through your profile, you need to grow up.

And then there's your "club penguin gone mad" comic. Your sense of humor is extremely infantile, if "Poop cones" is any indication.

Now, I've been fairly civil about this. But if you can't take the slightest bit of criticism, I'd recommend you change your password to something you'll forget in 5 seconds.
@PeejsterM: I guess comics should have a page containing rules about commenting. But I don't think it's a good idea.
@PeejsterM: Aka a lot of spriters on here
@Pakie: There are people who have actual reasons to block certain commenters, and then there are people who block anybody who even implies there's something that isn't perfect about the comic.