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epicness, 12 Jul 2013 04:11 am
Okay guys I decide to vi-WHAT THE FU-

... I really wish Outlook could give notifications when comments appear...
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Lugbzurg, 04 Jul 2013 01:38 pm
So, I started getting into my new Serious Sam collection recently and... Wow. NETRICSA is just like Fiora.
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Bruce the Hedgehound, 27 Jun 2013 04:41 pm
So, I recently threw more money at Nintendo yesterday for this awesome Cross-Over game called Project X Zone. It's awesome!

It has Mega Man X. I couldn't be happier!
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Lugbzurg, 19 Jun 2013 06:28 am
Well, ROB wasn't exactly obscure. He was kind of a big deal when he was announced since he was a famous gadget for the (Super?) Nintendo Entertainment System. Plus, he's been in loads of games.

I wonder if Starfy will be playable...?
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greenpowerstar, 19 Jun 2013 02:09 am
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Well, it could have been more weird. It could've been those Muppet things from Wii Music and Wii Party.
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Bruce the Hedgehound, 18 Jun 2013 05:26 pm
@greenpowerstar: Well, the SMash series has a tradition of bringing obscure things from Nintendo's history into modern gaming. Such as Mr. Game and Watch from Melee, or R.O.B. from Brawl. I think Wii Fit Trainer, or as I call her, Slenderwoman, is just another step in the series' tradition.
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greenpowerstar, 18 Jun 2013 02:50 pm
@Lugbzurg: I know, but EVERYONE keeps asking for it.

Wii Fit Trainer's still a weird choice.
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Lugbzurg, 18 Jun 2013 01:14 pm
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Snake! SNAKE!! SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!

@greenpowerstar: Nintendo doesn't own the rights to Geno anymore. They lost what little of the copyright they had at around 1999 or so when Square merged with Enix. It was Square that created Geno, so he belongs to them. I'm not sure why its different from how Nintendo still owns Diddy Kong, Krystal, etc. when they were created by RareWare, which is now owned by Microsoft, but Nintendo just doesn't own Geno anymore. And he certainly wasn't in nearly as high of a demand as Megaman.

Speaking of high demand, I doubt characters like Captain Falcon, Mr. Game & Watch, and Pit were ever in high demand. They weren't getting much attention, so they were put into the games, which attracted audiences for them.
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greenpowerstar, 18 Jun 2013 02:09 am
@Lugbzurg: When I saw Wii Fit Trainer, I was so confused. Is Wii Fit that popular, or are they just being like, "HEY! HEY! PLAY WII FIT!"?

@Bruce the Hedgehound: FREAKING GENO
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Bruce the Hedgehound, 17 Jun 2013 06:19 pm
@Lugbzurg: Patience. We've still got a long time before the game comes out and any new characters are introduced. When Brawl was first shown off, we got Meta Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus and Wario. No one expected DIddy Kong, Wolf, Sonic, or even R.O.B. and Ike to appear. And since Fire Emblem Awakening has rocketed the series popularity through the roof, we might see some more Fire Emblem entries. Personally, I vote for Chrom to replace Marth. I like him better as a character... Or "Marth" from Awakening to replace the current Marth.

Although... Lyn might actually have a good chance of making it in. In Fire Emblem Awakening, she appears in a bonus map called "Smash Brethren". So, maybe she's on a popularity list?


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