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Accepting Author Applications

Anybody who loves pokemon. There are some rules to follow, however:

1.Only post a list of top 10 pokemon related things.

2.Only post pages in the chapter with your smackjeeves username.

3.Please don't make fun of others for there choice of top 10s.
Apply as a Co-Author
You're favorite 10 pokemon in a certain category...ex. top 10 water types, top 10 worst pokemon, top 10 gym leaders...anything!

You can use a top 10 list somebody else has as well, as long as it's not 100% identical.

Recent Comments

If you wanna se how it was going to look like go to the link:
@HyperTurtle32: I agree with .:AuraX:. .
Why do you care about that.

Just ignore him.

He's just one of those people that tries to apply bullshit rules to these things.
@The Watcher: Seriously? You complain about this of all things? There are a bunch of "comics" that aren't really comics. And WHY DOES IT MATTER?
This is a comic site. This is not a comic.
Ice has always been my favorite type. Why? I dunno.
I Wanna join but I dun think I'm good enough. BUT I LIEK POKEMON COMICS
Herp derp.