Little More Than Waitstaff

Meet the waitstaff of the Naz Dravie. But they're also the chefs, kitchen staff, and errand-runners. And janitors. And managers. And bus-boys. And hosts and hostesses. And one is also the owner. So it's basically a comic about people yelling and cooking things.

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@pretty jodye flacko: Buffalo Wild Wings is the one that comes to mind but I've seen them since

Plus Lasse is probably being old-fashioned
I can't recall the last time a restaurant I went to provided comment cards
I'm Greg and everyone I've ever told a pun to is Richard.

That's actually kind of sad now that I think about it...

Oh wow...
Apparently the only thing that annoys Lasse more than Greg
is Richard.
Does anyone actually fill out those comment cards some restaurants provide?
Everyone probably prefers to publicly trash people online, instead.
This one was so great! Another one I laughed out loud at! Love this strip!
Love this
I actually laughed out loud at this one! I love your strip!
I may be taking for granted that everyone knows that Dick is a common nickname for Richard.
ANYWAY this kind of almost happened in real life but not with Dick/Richard, it was with uh ANOTHER SET OF NAMES
Hello April
I'm running out of things to say in these comments
@Dark_shadow: Thank you!! ^^ Glad to know I could forever taint your perception :D
Ha! What a zinger!
Hi, I just wanted to say I read every page of this comic and it's amazing. Also I don't think I am going to see a waitstaff the same way ever again. (Did that last sentence make sense?)
@crystalgardian: This comic seems to exist in a world that is close to real, but not quite

a world where I can make unlikely things happen for the purpose of a joke
How did he get a credit card when he is under eighteen lmao
We're all questioning his sanity no matter what
@atomikkuneko: Don't worry it was funny enough in real life heheheh
The height of Lasse's eyebrows in the first panel represent the level of his sarcasm lol
(This comment was a lot funnier in my head haha)