Little More Than Waitstaff

Meet the waitstaff of the Naz Dravie. But they're also the chefs, kitchen staff, and errand-runners. And janitors. And managers. And bus-boys. And hosts and hostesses. And one is also the owner. So it's basically a comic about people yelling and cooking things.

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@CityFairies: unfortunately no
@silverwolf019: NICE and have you ever jokingly offered a customer a horse steak?
@CityFairies: I work at a little shop where we sell crepes, boba tea, and frozen yogurt but we also have food crepes so basically we cook, clean, prepare drinks, serve, and basically everything besides being the owner
@Elva Rodriguez: Hahaha you're a genius
@silverwolf019: YAY THANK YOU FOR READING!! You work in a kitchen? :0
I just found this and read it in one sitting and all I gotta say is I identify with this comic so much! Kinda reminds me of my own work
Meanwhile with Miss customer:

Miss Customer: *On the phone* Help, I jokingly ordered a horse steak. And the waiter said "okay". What do I do?

Other End of the Line: *hangs up*
January 18th, 2017
@Elva Rodriguez: Haha I think this pot was based on an actual pot I had in my workplace... AND I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS
@Elva Rodriguez: NOICE PERK
@Elva Rodriguez: Haha oh man, I forgot about all the alt-texts I wrote :'D
Ok, google tell me it LOOKS more like a non-stainless double boiler (or a big pot), but I really don't know what else could it be so is a non-factual search... and it's still a mystery where it should be stored...
If is just the screen you still can get your data back :0
Im Alt-text Greg, who's this Pete and why is he in my case????
@RazorD9: Wait yeah Lasse is overreacting here cuz they could just cook a really tough steak and call it horse. Unless this customer is a horse connoisseur in which case who is really the bad guy here?
Two options. Find yourself a horse and make it into steak, or find the toughest cut of beef you got and make that into steak. I mean, I just can't imagine horse being anything but tough.
How... do I even WANT to know...?
I like to joke about horse meat, idk why
The last few weeks have been cray, and I had a friend visiting and staying with me for a couple days, so instead of comicking I ate out 94736 times and drove around town a lot.

Of course, I found time to make this, hehHH: traditional cowboys comic Someday 43276 years from now when I'm done with waitstaff, I will make a proper comic of the cowboys :U

O and remember to read this cringey short story I wrote about Richard: painful to write, painful to read, hehh

Oh also, this strip was cowritten with whoever happened to be in the room when I yelled "I NEED AN IDEA FOR A COMIC STRIP!" Thanks roommate Emily and visiting friend Justin (but mostly Emily) (Justin didn't know what I was even talking about) (He tried to give me an idea and was like "I notice most of your strips seem to feature waiters... so maybe something with waiters?") (Then my head exploded) (Jk Justin we still love you)
December 28th, 2016
@Ariadneowl: Heh that's adorable. I want one!
December 28th, 2016
for some reason I didn't see your comic updates on my favorites page until the reformatting of the site.
Instead of a ski-mask, I have a Yukon Cornelius beard hat, which is warm, fun, and non-threatening.