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The Ruins of Omni's Sprite Showcase

This was once a place where you can post your sprites. It was that simple. Nowadays, it's dead.
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4 Years Ago

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This was once a place where you can post your sprites. It was that simple. Nowadays, it's dead.

Recent Comments

Sad to see this place died out
Somebody got wise enough to change the title of this place.
i know this place is dead and almost nobody posts here anymore but just in case
it is finally done. the first episode of shadow's quest adventure is now up and you can watch it here!!!!:

this is probably one of my biggest projects ever please watch it it means a lot to me okay thanks
I like that guy.
Also I'm like getting better at spriting I think? >.>
Anyway done without a base. Took me 30 minutes almost.
@Super Froakie 64 DS: Also, you might want to make a better title for your sprite sheet than just 100th comic. You can post the 100th comic thing after.
@hitkid96fan: idontcarethisisthe100thcomicpostedscrewthenumbers
And yet it is in the number forty-one spot.

Instead, now this sprite sheet is the 100th now. And it's custom:
Jermhy Drawed by me just done this morning I still think I got a lot to learn.
This is myster Jermhy with his scythe weapon this alternate version is based off the anime Soul Eater.
This is extremely late but meh still wanteD to do it just made today but its W.I.P.
Added my Dark Sage mode.
I'm creating a thingy!~
The basic Idea will be to solve puzzles with Jake's light powers and stuff.

August 19th, 2014
Why isn't Woody whipping Shadow with the string of his back like he's supposed to do!!!?.
August 19th, 2014
this is what project m really is
@Quirby64_:D: he is apsote to have different appearance
Double post BTW.
@JermhyTheHedgehog: The only problem I can spot is that in his reg. form, he has 3 spikes, whereas in the dark form he has 4. Could you fix that?