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Bloom, a Pokemon Conquest Comic

Bloom, a Pokemon Conquest Comic

by sakohju
According to the Legend of the Ransei region, if all 17 kingdoms of the region are united, the legendary Pokemon that formed the region would appear. Young Saku, along with her stubborn Axew, sets off on the road of conquest. However, the warlord Nobunaga is only one kingdom away from uniting the region. Can Saku conquer Ransei before he does?

I am constantly improving, so please ignore the bad art at the beginning. >.<
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

Currently on sort of hiatus, updating irregularly.
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Bloom, a Pokemon Conquest Comic

According to the Legend of the Ransei region, if all 17 kingdoms of the region are united, the legendary Pokemon that formed the region would appear. Young Saku, along with her stubborn Axew, sets off on the road of conquest. However, the warlord Nobunaga is only one kingdom away from uniting the region. Can Saku conquer Ransei before he does?

I am constantly improving, so please ignore the bad art at the beginning. >.<
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

Currently on sort of hiatus, updating irregularly.


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And the winner is...!!
And this fun little filler is finally complete, I hope you all enjoyed it :)

I'll hopefully get back to working on the main story pages at some point, but in the meantime thank you all for your patience :)
"...What? Really sakohju? You tell us you're going on this whole huge big hiatus for Bloom and now you're announcing a new comic?"

Well, let me explain.

Creatures of the Night is a short story that I have rather been wanting to create, and that I had the excuse to do so as a sort of extra project for school in order to earn honors credit for a non-honors course (I'm required to take a certain set of general electives, the class in question was about Vampires and Werewolves in Slavic Culture).
I wasn't able to finish the entire comic by the end of the semester, but I did get a pretty good chunk of pages drawn and got my credit. But it's a passion project, and so I'm hoping now that I have more time to work on it again over the summer to finish it completely. I'm very excited to finally be working on my own, original story. All the pages are sketched, all that remains is shading.

Anyway, about the story!
Creatures of the Night is my very first completely original short story, featuring my own characters and plot. It's a short story that serves as a prequel/spinoff for a larger story I'm in the process of writing, and will reveal more about when I've made more progress on it :p
The story follows Drach, a vampire who works for a group of vampiric assassins, as he is suddenly put in charge of two new apprentices and must learn how to best work with his new partners on his latest mission.

You can go read it HERE! -->
*ignores that it's Friday*
I wanted to get something updated here for you all haha...
These strips get progressively shorter :p
@Switzerland: Thanks so much! I could never leave a project so important to me unfinished, it would just itch at my being. But I do have to put school first. I'm glad people still want to read this comic though, thanks so much for sticking around! That means a lot to me!
Hey, Sakohju! Thanks for coming back and giving us this sweet comment.

Yeah, CS can be pretty hard. I'm glad you're putting school before comics. And I'm glad that you still want to continue Bloom. You have a lot of motivation to finish such old projects.

Take all the time you need! Good luck this summer. We'll be here to support you. :)
More of this for you all, haha.
@Captain Ghost: Thanks so much! At this point an internship for this summer is looking unlikely haha but I have been interviewing for a job that I'm hopeful about, we'll see how it goes :) Thanks for the kind words!
Life happens~
Best of luck scoring an internship! Hope you get to kick butt o/
Two pages
Because it's been so long that you wonderful readers deserve a bonus~
Me: "Wow it's been so long since I updated Bloom"
Me: "Wait...did I ever finish uploading all those pages of the Hunger Games Simulator?"
Me: "...oh god"
My sister: "you know it's bad when the extras are on hiatus"

Ahahaha...well, here's to at least getting this fun little extra finished! Thanks for your patience dear readers!
...mostly. I want to take a minute to say some things regarding the journey this comic has been on, and where it will go in the future. This will be a pretty long and somewhat personal note, so I apologize for the length. Feel free to scroll to the bottom if you're not into reading this sort of long thing ^^;

When I started this comic, I was a middle schooler with a lot of free time on my hands. I poured that free time into drawing comics and making art. I would draw like a machine and could churn out entire chapters in a very short amount of time with no sign of slowing down, and I loved every bit of it. I just couldn't stop, and I never once dreamed that any of my comics would have to pause.
The first real hiatus came after I finished middle school, and had to move away to a new city on the other side of the country. That was understandable, I still drew as much as I could during the move and once we were settled in I resumed as soon as I could. I didn't want to move though and didn't like the new city, and spent the next four years hell bent on returning to my home town.
The loathing I felt for the new place consumed me, and during high school I needed a distraction, something to focus on and throw myself into so entirely I could forget some of those feelings in order to keep my sanity. That thing ended up being band. I was THE ultimate bandie in high school. I play percussion, so I rose to be a section leader in the drum line, I attended every single marching band and pep band gig, I did jazz band, and most demanding of all, during the Fall Musical season I would do the pit orchestra, which I learned basically meant sacrificing a month of your life to live in that pit under the stage and do nothing but eat, sleep and play music. It was great fun, but also very time-consuming and for the first time I found myself not being able to have time for other things like regularly updating this comic. I always came back though, but as I got older and my workload with school grew I started needing to take a few more short breaks here and there to keep from burning out completely. I also found that as my art grew and improved, it also took me longer to finish pages and art pieces.
Upon graduating high school, I immediately knew where I wanted to go to college. The university in my home town was my ticket back home, my chance to move back to the city I grew up in. I got into the university and my home coming was just about everything I dreamed it would be. And with no more tri-weekly 6 AM drum line or jazz band rehearsals or other extracurricular obligations, for the first time in a long time I actually had a lot of free time to really regularly update my comics again. It was awesome.
That first semester of college was super chill though, and I didn't realize just how relaxed my schedule was until I continued to pile more work onto myself in the following semesters and advanced to some more difficult courses. I'm majoring in computer science, and needless to say some of the coursework is pretty demanding. Where in high school I could get straight A's without ever studying a bit, I'm now learning the hard way that in college I need to actually form some study habits and really put in the work outside of class in order to be successful.
I've had to learn to really prioritize. I've had to take much longer breaks from my comics in order to focus on my schoolwork. While I've still been able to juggle a wide variety of activities with my busy class schedule and numerous personal projects, I'm starting to realize I can't do everything and sometimes I need to make sacrifices.

I have decided to pursue a career in video game development, and hope some day to start my own game company. I already have a couple of pet projects in the works. I love making comics, and will never stop, and I certainly intend to finish Bloom, but as I've gotten older my priorities have shifted and there are other projects I will need to put before this one.
So, regarding the future of this comic: Yes, I have every intention of finishing Bloom and delivering the story as it was meant to be! But it's not going to happen very quickly. I will probably be revising the script for the story and streamlining it a little bit in order to help the plot move along faster, and I might cut down on a couple of things, such as maybe montaging battle scenes more instead of fully choreographing the entire battle.
I realized the Hunger Games simulator never finished, I actually do have some more strips for that finished but never got around to actually updating them hahaha, so I will be updating the rest of that soon for you all to enjoy.
Bloom's main story WILL continue to update, but it will be on sort of an indefinite hiatus, updating irregularly for whenever I have some spare time to work on it.
I'm not sure how much I'll manage this summer, considering that I'm going to be taking a couple of summer classes and hopefully getting a job or internship (been applying around and interviewing, hopefully I can land one!), and I have some other projects that will be taking priority over this one.

Again, I apologize for this long note. If you actually read that whole thing...thanks for actually reading the whole thing, haha. Whether you have been a long-time fan of Bloom or are just discovering this comic, I really, truly appreciate your readership. Thank you so much for coming with me on this journey, I am excited to tell the rest of Saku's story and I hope that you will stick around for it :) I can't possibly thank you enough.
February 6th, 2019
@Switzerland: *looks at comic's profile page* OH GOD IT'S BEEN FOUR MONTHS SINCE THE LAST UPDATEAa;sldfj

Thank you so much for your kind words! It's true it will probably be a longer break until I have time to really work on Bloom again but I do intend to continue working on it and continue improving. Thanks so much for sticking around! It means a lot to know that this comic means so much to someone else as well!
Switzerland (Guest)
January 27th, 2019
SAKOHJU, oh my goodness, it's been MONTHS since I thought about Bloom, but someone said something about "blooming" in a group chat and I immediately went "I ABANDONED MY BOY" and came running as fast as possible.

I'm so happy to see that you're still pursuing this wonderful passion project (especially because I've never met anyone else who likes Conquest as much as I do). Best of luck in college right now! Even if you need to take a long break or stop indefinitely, we'll support you 100%.

I love every bit of Bloom, especially your evolution from the art you did when you were much younger, and I'm so, so happy to see it again. It's a wonderful old friend.

Can't wait to backread it as soon as I get the chance. A million, trillion thanks, Sakohju, for this wonderful comic.
October 20th, 2018
Hello all, sorry for so suddenly disappearing for longer than I intended. October has been an incredibly busy month for me and I can barely keep up with my homework, much less take the time to work on comics. Once I get a moment to catch my breath, Bloom will return! Until then, thank you for being patient with me dear readers!
September 22nd, 2018
I realized Kanetsugu hasn't sparkled in a while. I'm making an effort for him to sparkle more from now on.

In other news, there will be no update this coming week since I'll be out of town to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in tech, which I'm very excited for!
September 19th, 2018
More fun times while I do busy things x_x
September 15th, 2018
Saku on this page is me when it comes to keychains. >w< Oichi would be my sister in this scenario haha.

On a more business-note, so as I've been back in school for almost a month now it's looking like during the school year as I'm busier, I will mostly just update pages on Saturdays. I have some extras I can update on Wednesdays for a while, and occasionally I can do a page on Wednesdays, but Saturday only will be the most consistent pattern while I deal with academics and extracurriculars. Thanks for understanding!
September 5th, 2018
Now that Lindsay's been introduced, here's some of my practice sketches of her for you to enjoy while I do homework XD
September 1st, 2018
When I first saw the merchant in the game I couldn't not think of N.

Apologies for missing Wednesday's update, I'm still getting my bearings as far as balancing my schoolwork with my personal projects so updates might be a little more sporadic than usual. I made a news post on the comic profile that goes into more detail.

Also, I will have a time lapse video of the chapter cover process up later! I'll drop a link here when that's done.
Finally! Chapter 20 begins!
Thanks for waiting everyone. :) I survived my first week of school so we'll see how things go from here.

Also, be on the look out later for a time lapse video of my process for this chapter cover. :)

EDIT: It's rather late but as promised here's the time lapse: