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Satomi's past comes back to haunt when she finds a mysterious doll that looks exactly like with a note attached: "Be My Doll".

"Tolerance is a fragile gift. You choose how to break it."

Uploads on HIATUS *sorry*

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I love all the detail you put into Satomi. <3
:3 This page looks nice.
End of Chapter Four
That's it, guys! Chapter Four is finally over! It was a long one! *PLUS 100 PAGES MARKER*
We're getting somewhere guys! Shit's about to get real! XD
You know there will be consequences of this action
Eh, ignore that mess of fingers in the top panel......................................
I'm really proud of the way this page turned out.
Daddy doesn't look so Middle Eastern any more. (He's supposed to be Northern Irish) :p
I'm really liking the way Satomi's mom looks :D
Not too shabby on those phones, eh?
I somehow managed to fuck up that hand even though I had reference....:(
Daddy comes to save the day. Is me or does her dad look kinda Middle Eastern???
I'm really proud of this background :)
It's been a looong while since I last uploaded this, I apologise. It's all up to date on DA, though. I just now got around to updating on here....
Sorry to say, but I won't be uploading for a while now. I really wish I could've finished this chapter before school started. But if I get a break, I will upload if I get anything done. I'll still be around though.
I am uploading two pages today and two more on Friday. After that, I'm sad to announce that uploads will be on hiatus.
@Underworld Icicle: Thanks! It took me a while to draw her, and I'm glad how she turned out.
Satomi looks lovely in the second panel.
@Minakia: Oh, Thank you!

XD Wait til you see the page I will upload on Friday! I'm sure you will like that one too!
It was worth the wait! * is loving the flowy dress*