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Accepting Author Applications

Anyone with an interest in Pokemon/pmd can apply, and will have a character made for them. The sooner you apply, the more major the character!
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This comic is just what the title says... INSANE!
This is a bunch of short stories involving Pokemon, a trainer, and just some wacky people!
WARNING: Craziness, and radomness has been known to cause blindness and sheer madness.
(CURRENTLY A PMD)(Updates every Thursday and occasionally other days)
Quoted Characters:
Skybyte: BARRELS! (If you get it, youre awesome)
Violet: Hey there, hippo àddict!
Aurora: I have long hair. Your argument is invalid.
Vortex: HEWWO THEWE!!!!
Wotters: Feel the tides of fate!
Riolo: I have many qoutes. "Math is Eisier than Pi the number." All righty and mighty." Of HORSE I'll do it." Why
This comic has been rebooted to Pokemon: Version Insanity. Better quality updates coming soon there!