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Accepting Author Applications

For people with Photoshop, but if you think you can make images of that level with another program send me a message and I'll see if I can make an exception.
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A place for Smackjeeves authors to compete to see who is the best at Photoshop, Photoshop not included.

A new challenge every week.

Recent Comments

wow , roy , bowser got very large lol.
Cool do a teenage mutan ninga turtals
I cant even post anything yet ._.
So sorry, anyone wanna take over???
Unfortunately. The guy who started this whole comic. Has gone ghost.
not our fault. we posted our entries.
This place dead? Hate to see it die but there is like no activity here.
This is my entry. Maybe it's lame but I tried.
And one more thing. I'm colur-blind so tell me if there's bad-coloured Fire.
Plus at least someone updated! :D
somebody update please...
Great job guys.
I like the style of fire you used on this.
this is my entry.
its not much but i was in hurry.

i made two versions. if you want to see the alternate one this is it:
@awsome guy: don't make me hit a cripple
Listen to Royle! I need a challenge =P

jk jk
Here is my entry ;3
and come on everybody. START POSTING YOUR SHTUFF! please.
This is my entry for the challenge