Brian Bluebird is your average teenager. But after getting accepted to the art school of his dreams, he realizes to never judge a book by its cover. The school may be large but it had lost its status years ago. Even so, Brian is still determined to be the best artist in his class. However, there might just be one thing setting him back: at times his vision changes to an array of colors and shapes. In fact, one could even describe it as looking through a kaleidoscope.
-restarting this comic again
-reads left to right
-updates weekly


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September 9th, 2015
Srry my updates are just random but when I get used to my school schedule I will hopefully find 1 day to update regularly on :)
August 6th, 2015
First page!
August 4th, 2015
New Cover Page
Hi, I've decided to restart this comic with better art (please read the news located at the home tab)! I'm sorry for the confusion I have caused to anyone and thank you to those who are still sticking with me, I hope you guys understand