A comic that reviews old video games. Got any requests? Too bad. I don't DO requests. Enjoy!

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Mario is missing is a fart.
Last panel: So confused,It's "wanna go mario"..
@Super Bluey: k is the gameplay better
@comicboy: I infact liked playing the SNES version.
dat is y I HATE Adversiments
@BlueyKid: Umm.. Wat the comic says it's true
@DarkMario: It only happens when you aren't logged in. Besides, it isn't the actual Advertisement.
@Advertisement: I remember you...you bithced about my comic "Subspace Emissary 2" completely ignoring the fact I was a total newbie/n00b. Now, I dont dislike constructive criticism, but "This comic fucking sucks" and "This comic is a whale of a fail" is NOT constructive criticism.
@DUDEVSTHEWORLD: Srry. I've been super-duperuberwtflolwut lazy.
Three other authors and none update. It's up to me now, I guess. Also, my new author sprite! YAYZ!
http://playitdude.smackjeeves.com/news-archive/posts/117310/need-sprites-for-the-jaw s-review/
It's more of a sprite comic/video game review mix, really. Thanks for the advice anyway, though.
Virtual Cookie if you get the reference!

If not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CizU8aB3c8
@AlecTH: On the plus side, Donkey Kong Legends actually got a few updates! YAYZ!
Sorry I haven't updated for a couple of days, I've been busy with my other comics and such. But don't worry, I'm still going. Please keep in mind that the first two screenshots are minimized to not exceed the total amount of megabytes.
Mario Clash was also listed as the second worst Mario game, losing to Hotel Mario.
Beep. If you want, I could review the Game & Watch Gallery games someday. Better beep?
I don't know why, but I'm getting mad...