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gay boys doing gay stuff
BL/yaoi, slice of life, comedy, drama,

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hey guys (Ф∀Ф) long time no see (Ф∀Ф) i have some big news

i just posted the first 2 pages of SE;ki chapter one fully redawn! plz check it out! ;A; here:

this is (mostly) the reason i haven't done any new pages in so long D:
but i've had this hanging over my head for like 4 years and i feel like i can't move forward if i don't redraw this fricking thing so i'm gonna (Ф∀Ф) (or i am already lol )
but i will start doing new pages really soon to i promise! *w*

im so happy im finally doing this!! now im gonna go sleep for like a week _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): super dead! thank you guys so much for sticking with me and reading my junk <333 i love you all <33
Lol (Guest)
January 11th, 2017
Loving it
Can't wait for an update
Usami-chan (Guest)
January 10th, 2017
Haha. Can't wait for the next one.
Oh lord Im so confused on who is who TAT
But I do understand but I dont? Okay I dont know what Im saying anymore... I love this comic tho!!!!
December 5th, 2016
Poor baby is so shocked!!
December 5th, 2016
riku is not actually gay :P
and johnny is the vocalist of their band :3

this page looks kinda messy but i like it..:D

sorry i didn't update last week! ;A; i was so caught up in unpacking and all that stuff, i hardly had had the time to read the comments on the previous page so i thought it would be best if i waited :3 but here you go

also i'm going on my christmas break now, so you will have to wait till next year to see if takeru survives this >w<;;
there's still so much to do here in the house and then christmas...but mostly its just a break from SE;ki cos i have many other things i need to draw :P

take care and happy holidays! :D

follow me on tumblr for news! (can contain NSFW stuff :P )
December 2nd, 2016
@rukan: ; p
December 1st, 2016
@yasha.queen: aw that's so sweet! (*´▽`*)Seki thanks you very much <33
November 23rd, 2016
Happy late birthday Seki
November 21st, 2016
Happy birthday!! I baked him a cake!! It's a Momofuku recipe for her famous milk cake!! And decorated just as beautifully!! I am a professional after all!! Nice that he could admit that to his friends!!
November 20th, 2016
-this is a scheduled post cos i'm in the middle of moving D: it's exhausting, haha- just got outed! :)

(today is sekis' actual birthday *A*
happy birthday bby ;w; i didnt have time to finish my birthday pic for him cos of moving ^^; but i will as soon as i have unpacked my computer! :D )
November 16th, 2016
I don't hate Riku -3-
Dancing Brony
November 14th, 2016
That sounds like a really chill weekend.
Dancing Brony
November 14th, 2016
Yay for communication!
Dancing Brony
November 14th, 2016
Dancing Brony
November 14th, 2016
I see what he did there.
Homosexual Toaster
November 14th, 2016
That is such a weird video!!!

Thanks for uploading
November 14th, 2016
i feel like you all hate Riku :3
poor guy

btw this is what seki was talking about on the last page

in other news: i'm gonna be moving in a few days, so i won't have time to draw much cos i'll be packing and stuff D: but next week's page is almost done, so i should be able to keep schedule... let's see how its goes the week after that tho :P
November 9th, 2016
@*milk+assassin*: haha thank you :D its so difficult to wright casual conversation don't you think? i'm glad i found that clip >w<; i think it's hilarious >w<;;
November 8th, 2016
I've only found out about the reference from your tumblr but the fact that you've included it in your comic - that's what's really funny! and cute too! Because it made the whole party in this page seem like such a lively and real situation :)