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Chaos Chronicles: Hope, Fear, and Revenge

In life there is chaos. There are things we do not control, nor do we understand. In which Revenge, Fear, and Hope govern ourselves and we choose which to succumb to.

We may even question what is evil. Does it even exist? Are people truly evil from birth, or has their life formed who they are?

But in all of that, there is always hope. For although chaos may never cease to exist, we can always hope to make the best of it.

A comic made by Ultimate the Hedgehog and Royle McCulloch.

Chaos Chronicles: Hope, Fear, and Revenge

Recent Comments

Ult: Are you... coming onto me?
Panel : "Aaaaaaaaand roll credits."
Yes the dumb hedgehog is dead! His stupidity was going to get him killed eventually. Rest in piece you overconfident prick!

Wow I really don't like my character. XD
Phew its been a bit but I'm glad to be back into it.

Thanks for reading, make sure to leave a comment on your thoughts and if you enjoyed be sure to add to your favorites to follow along.

Well, I always wanted to see the moon.
This is why we prioritize that the hot heads stand back when facing a guy with a god complex.
Looks amazing as always, Roy.

lol, that's gotta be embarrassing.
Wait, this is the final part of this 'arc?' Strange place to end it.

Comic looks amazing, as yours usually do.
"Okay Vegeta". Oh my god I laughing so hard. It looks like Jason's having a stroke in panel eight. Great job as always.
Give em a toss, a planet across, that's how Thraxix wins buh-bye!
SCarey dragon tho.
The great... red... dragon...!
"The big boys"? Geez that's one way to piss anyone off. And he throws a gradon at them? What's he going to do with the other group? Make a bigger dragon?
Man I don't think I've done a page like this since "Nevermore (pt.4). None the less I do appologize for the wait, life is changing for me and I'm just figuring out the balance, I don't have an plans on giving up on my comics here.

Enjoy everyone, and thanks.
@Nice-ness: Ult didn't take his place in AvH. Jason was always meant to have a small role. I don't like using him a lot to be honest.
@Nice-ness: Someone needs a burn heal now.

And I'm all out of that.
Jason doesn't like that Ult took his place in AvH.
"Caught it."

lol, Thraxix. That's one way of putting it after it sent you right off your feet.
Huh, I wondered who launched that attack last panel. The newcomer is an arrogant one. Still what did Thraxix catch? Jason's attack or something else?
"Not exactly"?
What did he catch, then?