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Muddy's Sprite Showcase

Remember Muddy Spam? That was basically a showcase, so this is that with a name to fit.
Yay. Check it out.


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@foxpuff: I have a Pikachu tail and ears. I didn't get it from you.
olol im on both! XD
@Muddykip64- IT'S DISTRACTING x0x
@Muddykip64- Yeah, I made one a few years ago, forgot about it, and now I'm getting into it again.
@Shard: Oh. Wait, you have a pokefarm too?
@Muddykip64- I think it's got something to do with type advantages. I generally default to putting the Pokémon in a field that matches their type.
@Shard: I know, but it doesn't make sense. WHY WOULD A GRASS TYPE LIKE FIRE!?
By checking this -
@foxpuff: How was I supposed to know that pokemon like fields that they are weak to? That doesn't even make sense.
You despicable, horrible excuse for a trainer.
I think I see the problem. There are some types of Pokemon that dislike certain types of fields. My Gligar almost ran off from being in the Ground-Type Field. This is why I put my Pokemon in the appropiate fields. To prevent a change in the happiness I'd recommend getting a ???-Type field.
Hey, if someone insulted me, I wouldn't like them either. Not that I'm changing the description...
September 22nd, 2012
Too Bad I Don't Use Mine Anymore. XD


Hey, Muddy! If You Have A Poketch, Add Me, You Could Add Users There~

@Muddykip64: Don't worry! You could take this opportunity to make a more appropriate comic for your 84th!
September 22nd, 2012
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: ...oh...
September 22nd, 2012