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A place for me to put all that stuff I make that has no place.

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@catfire13: Nice name. I am choosing to believe you're not my long lost evil twin sister or something... because I never had a twin sister.
October 9th, 2015
Pointless warp to a pointless Minecraft dimension
so pointless
Because Burey is apparently casually more OP than Mr. OP himself
Something resembling backstory? Details of Burey's hat have been changed since this, though
Torpedo Ted sez dis camic iz grate
Burey uses sides of panels as wraparound warps 100% canon
A much improved VS panel
I finally discover a better way of making speech bubbles. I still use it now
such amazing smoke effects
also completely pointless fly gets eaten by a completely pointless plant in the background
The first appearance of the still-unnamed guardian of the fourth wall
and there go the sparkles
absolutely pointless page
only thing significant is the birth of the evil sparkles
most interesting thing in this comic yet.
Bing, search for thoughts gave no results! absolutely terrible go use Google instead
that waddle-dee actually disturbs me. why the hell did I make that
and meanwhile Burey's existence causes stupid crap to happen to the waddle-dees below
The first appearance of Burey, the fan favorite
Charging up sprite for Kayem made out of fused together transparent cutter blades. At least it's not as bad as flipping Ficars
The only reason the fight ended here was because I realized I didn't give Ficar enough health. Go figure.
Nothing really to say about this page
oh goody more derpy looking drawings