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After bringing peace to Mobius, 27 years later, Sonic the Hedgehog, living a life of a recluse, finds that he is infected with a life-threatening Chaos Disease. On top of that, Mephilles has returned after Sonic defeatedhim 27 years ago. Sonic must team up with some old friends to stop him.

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7 Years Ago
After bringing peace to Mobius, 27 years later, Sonic the Hedgehog, living a life of a recluse, finds that he is infected with a life-threatening Chaos Disease. On top of that, Mephilles has returned after Sonic defeatedhim 27 years ago. Sonic must team up with some old friends to stop him.

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@Exclane: I know you'll come back on here to see if I respond. And no, it wasn't a game to you. That was an elaborate excuse though. Goodbye forever, faggot who makes me laugh by stupidity.
@Exclane: This is over. You lost this argument a long time ago bro. Stop trying to continue it. And hilarious replies? LOL I don't think I haven't laughed at one of your 3rd grade level comments yet. Drop it. You're done here.
@Exclane: Your stupidity is mind boggling. I said I'd do it. That proves to me you're not reading anything I'm saying. I could make a custom sprite. Not as difficult as you're making it out to be. Anyone can make one. That does not mean you're on another level of significance than others. Just stop, you lost, so now you're trying to make me lose in another way. Not happening. Get the fuck off of my comic, for the last time.
@Exclane: So because he makes 100% custom sprites, I have to too? No. I don't make custom sprites. Never tried. Probably never will. They look shitty and unattractive. I don't have a big ego. You're just an instigator and that's pretty clear. Sure I'll compete in your soon to be completely biased "sprite off." Take the sprites up there ^ Could have made them better. Easily. But what you're making a big deal pretty insignificant. Re-evaluate yourself. Get over yourself, and stop fighting other people's battles.
@SilentDusk: Just as long for me, if not longer. Unimpressed to be honest. This comic is a product of me not making comics for years. I could make a better sprite than you. Fact. I could make a better comic than you. Fact. Don't even respond to this because at this point I've stopped caring. Good Bye.





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@Icnos: Your trying to come up to me?

Pfft, I've been here for nearly 7 years, I'm pretty well known, my comics and sprites are better than yours, anyone can tell you that if we were to "compare" I'm not trying to be cocky its just the truth.

If you want "proof" just look at my sprites, look at my comics.
the way you draw expressions on the characters makes it look like they smeared a poptart on their faces.
@Exclane: Nice use of the edit option.

If YOU had simply came across as a mature individual and commented like one, then this wouldn't have happened because I wouldn't have said anything to you. Yeah, I'm lazy because I don't edit a couple sprites who never have clothes in 95% of sprite comics XD. Shit doesn't fly anymore? Hahahaha who the fuck are you? Just stop. I'm literally laughing at this point with what you just said to me. You did lose. Take it. Goodbye.
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" I can assume you're both just dumbasses at this point....

It's a comic.

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Your attempts at trying to "win" are just horrible, Yeah its a comic I have one, a lot more successful than this one.

You're trying to seem edgy and that's just fucking horrible.

Your attempts at trolling on Koffings Comic are horrible. You're taking this about as serious as your "life"
yes they do
@Koffing: I told you it's not a serious matter you feeble minded fuck. It's a comic. I can keep my focus I just don't make a fucking sprite comic my priority. My catalog of FUCKING SPRITE COMICS does not define me as a person and certainly does not define me as "unable to keep my focus." My catalog of unfinished comics > Your entire catalog of shit troll comics. Now gtfo.

@Exclane: Don't like it? Leave, you weak minded bitch.
in a completley unrealted matter why do you have like 100 comics that you just randomly stopped doing like 10 comics in.

you clearly have no idea how to keep your focous my friend
it is a comic that takes itself seriously and therefore it must be completely removed from logic

but then again, it is about sonic the fucking hedgehog, and as we all know, furries are a serious matter.