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And probably some other numbers too. Survivor Fan Characters: Blackjack Bay!


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@>>>: Since the last update I got a job...

I'd like to continue this if possible though.
i miss you sfc blackjack bay... :(
@>>>: i still have hope! even with simplified backgrounds like blackjack bay, sprite comics can be time-consuming to make.
This is never actually going to end is it
just asking... will this see an update soon? it's so close to the end!
@LandenMaster: Everyone's emotions are running high now, including La'Toya's.
maybe sid and la'toya will finally have a duel at the challenge!

couscous is just kinda... there. floatin' along. even this close to the end. she still has story connections with stiletto, so i guess that will come into play very soon.

cool sprite of extra evil la'toya though! i like that she has the curl from the back of her hair copied multiple times to build up her evil shadowy hair. it's actually a pretty neat design feature!
This just in. LaToya is actually an Eversion fancharacter.
omg that sprite <3 OK, shit's gettin' real. LaToya just went Shadow CrayCray.
@House master: He can't hear through that highly-soundproof paper bag.
Well shit... you stepped in it now Sid.
@Vilecheese: She ain't gonna win.
Okay Latoya that I'm calling her or Sid bring voted out .What was Bart thinking when Sid freaked out.
May have done that a little early, Sid. But then again this is an emotional night for him.
@Vilecheese: I can see that.
@Missalice3: Sylvester is someone who legitimately does want to do the right thing, but can be very inaccurate on what that is depending on the situation.
@LandenMaster: He was a good character. I'm glad I bumped him up to the F6 when originally he was going to finish 9th.
R.I.P. Tera
I probably won't miss Sylvie because he always felt entitled to be the P angel of the series (which that was your intention, and it was great), his delusion made me laugh on how he was oblivious to most things, but he came off as a hypocrite when I was trying to like him, he gave Stiletto more complexity, and I appreciate that.