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Formerly FreD, I have morphed this comic into a hole for random comics that don't fit into my other ones.

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September 24th, 2014
Sweet antichrist this is amazing.
The genie and the alternate dimension alien.

The ship's about to get fucked up~
LBFR RP official.

Scribble Pie and Auria are BFFs.
You'll never get your license if toy drive in the middle of the road... xD
@PurpleChickenPineapple: Can you draw human Phase and Flint? Phase has long girly hair btw*shot*
April 16th, 2014
Hey, that's my avi! Uncolored, of course~
Good ol Pepperoni and his shenanigans.
Breathtaking. ;u; Just. Yes.

"Eeyup" for Earth ponies!
Happy Birthday Ecaroh!

Probably not what you were expecting, but you gotta understand I love surprises! (both making and getting them. X3)
Ooh ooh ooh can I join
April 11th, 2014
c-can I join in
MelodyPika, GreenKirby, BlueKirby, Brokor, Plazem, Thunderbolt, and I all had a pretty fun run of an on going Pokemon Trainer Roleplay.

So here's my character from that RP.

Also Pepper's stats are below for reasons.

Level 15, Female, Lax
Scratch|Howl|Tail Whip|Ember
@contradiction123: That was delicious, I'll be back tommorrow.
Now that's what I call a breadwinner!
All of the unique poses from Karx put together. (That I still have access to.)
Look out world, it's PCP the Night Driver! *Knight Rider theme plays*
He's comin' your way~
I've already said it twice now, but

On this special day...
Let's give a shout out to a special guy.
You all know his name...
Give it up for Nashew! (Nashew96, Nash, NashewNineSix, Caju, etc...)

He's turning eighteen today, meaning he's now a legal adult! (And I'm not far behind either! X3)

Happy Birthday my dear friend, Never give up or give in, but give it all for God. Keep on living life to the fullest! ^^