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Comment on Unmatched Agility
SquiffyPants, 18 Sep 2014
A little animated comic so you can tell I care still. :3

I'm going through Super Mario Sunshine again, which is an amazing game by the way, and I just thought it'd be really silly to see Mario
looking so determined with such a ridiculous method of moving fast.

Comment on Let's Get Rich
Nick Cypher The Flames, 12 Sep 2014
=D Yay, Mediocre@Best is back~ X3 This makes me laugh too, oh gosh. I knew there were insane
masks in Payday 2, due to friends playing it, but I never expected this level of nutsoness XD
Comment on Let's Get Rich
MecanicalCH, 12 Sep 2014
Comment on Let's Get Rich
Draven22, 12 Sep 2014
hmmm masks..reminds me of hotline miami! and YAY YOU'RE FINALLY BACK I COULD HUG YOU ALL!
Comment on Let's Get Rich
Paulgasm, 12 Sep 2014
Threat Level: Midnight
As any of our normal readers know, it's been a long time since we had a comic up, and an even longer time since I made one.
We all got really busy (and admittedly lazy), but we've all missed it a a lot too.
I can't promise 100% consistent updates, but we'll try to be around as much as possible and upload as often as possible.

My comics have always been a little sloppier, and it was partly intentional so I decided to clean it up for this one.
Cleaner lines, and ACTUAL FRAMES and honestly I like it a lot more.
Zack and I have been basically addicted to Pay Day 2, and this mask was too ridiculous not to make a comic about it.
Oh, and I got sick of making the hair so I'm just drawing it like this again, haha.

tl;dr - We're back bitches.
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
RagingClue, 29 Aug 2014
@Nick Cypher The Flames: I am too! I'm sorry. I've just been super busy with work. I've been meaning to talk with Paul and Zack about rekindling Mediocre@Best. We'll see what we can do. Thank you for your support <3
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
Nick Cypher The Flames, 28 Aug 2014
D= guys, what happened, y'all haven't had an update in 5 months and I'm getting sad about it. ;-;
Comment on Big Tough Guy
troblsomtwins829, 12 Apr 2014
Try Raze's Hell, the cover and title misleading, It's more like heaven!!

Die you midgetized teletubbies. Die... Lol
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
MecanicalCH, 31 Mar 2014
@RagingClue: Yay! :) ME LIKE UPDATES!!! :)
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
Draven22, 31 Mar 2014
@RagingClue: oh its fine i was just messing around about the comic thingy i was just using it as a way to get you guys to update more cause i've been waiting on this comic for awile XD


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