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Comment on Big Tough Guy
troblsomtwins829, 12 Apr 2014
Try Raze's Hell, the cover and title misleading, It's more like heaven!!

Die you midgetized teletubbies. Die... Lol
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
MecanicalCH, 31 Mar 2014
@RagingClue: Yay! :) ME LIKE UPDATES!!! :)
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
Draven22, 31 Mar 2014
@RagingClue: oh its fine i was just messing around about the comic thingy i was just using it as a way to get you guys to update more cause i've been waiting on this comic for awile XD
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
RagingClue, 31 Mar 2014
@Draven22: I'm sorry about that! I haven't played either game (Legend of Dragoon and RE6, correct?). If I had, I would have made a
comic about one of them already. However, I did remind my brother to try to do a guest Legend of Dragoon comic and I mentioned the
RE6 comic idea to Zack. Hopefully, we get that done soon. Thank you for continuing to read our comic! ^^
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
Draven22, 30 Mar 2014
YAY IT UPDATED :D *still waiting for said comics i requested months back* :3
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Three
RagingClue, 30 Mar 2014
And so it Ends!
I am not likely to ever do this again. It pretty much consumed my entire day, but it was nice to draw again xD
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part Two
RagingClue, 30 Mar 2014
So it Continues!
The file was too large, so I had to split it into three parts. Here is the second!
Comment on Hourly Challenge: Part One
RagingClue, 30 Mar 2014
So it Starts!
Paul and I decided to do an hourly comic challenge! In our case, it will be one three panel comic, every hour, for 12 hours. I did mine
yesterday since I had nothing else to do all day. It's a bit silly, and not the best quality, but I hope it's at least somewhat entertaining ^^
Thanks for reading!
Comment on This Fashion
RagingClue, 23 Jan 2014
@BoltOfSpades: Yeah, I don't know xD I was trying to exaggerate Franklin's terrible fashion sense, but he ended up looking like a
Fresh Prince/Kwame from Captain Planet hybrid-thing 0_o

@Nick Cypher The Flames: Thanks! It feels good to be back in action. Haha! Yes, he should. I'm glad you agree ^^
Comment on This Fashion
Nick Cypher The Flames, 19 Jan 2014
@BoltOfSpades: I have to agree with you on this one... Just what is this? xD

@RagingClue: Glad to see you guys back in action. Although Franklin really should stop dressing by himself. XD


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