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My want-to-learn list is never ending, but I like it that way.
@Falconer: Reading the same book as your favorite artist fills you with....DETERMINATION...also Perseverance and lots and lots of Passion! :D
now to pass that lesson onto your doggy..and then one day your human chirren xD
I finished reading Angela Duckworth's book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance a while ago, but this idea really stuck with me.
Happens to me all the time (and sometimes I'm the "I don't use ___" type). I think visual artists are more tied to social media than people in many other fields whether we want to or not...
@Falconer: lol! that happened yesterday i was talking with a long time no see friend and asked for their email to keep in touch in short...they dont use email...they use facebook ...i dont use facebook...
Yesterday the people I met were all about Twitter, and today they were all LinkedIn...the one I rarely use LOL.

But I got their names anyway. XD I'm trying!
They do make surface-mounted raceways for electrical outlets: it's a tube you attach to the wall, with an outlet at one end and two plugs that go into an existing outlet in the other. You can find them in the electrical section of Home Depot.
@Falconer: Wow! this conference sounds incredible! and i am happy you when you feel happy!
I'm glad you had a good day there. <3
Omg so happy for you and somehow makes me happy as well, this is the kind of feeling and environment i hope to achieve and more xD no but srsly this is giving good vibes

Lol James be like "least alone *? -_-
Today was overwhelmingly inspiring, and honestly the least alone I’ve felt about being a woman who codes since I first learned how over ten years ago.
@Guess who: It's a Women in Tech conference. There's panels on dev tools and programming of of course, but also on leadership, career development, using tech for social responsibility, etc. :) http://werise.tech/
@Falconer: ohhh! whats that conference about?...i mean i see Tech in the name but i havent heard about We RISE Tech Conference before...
LOL. They're so cute, you can't help but bring them.... and then wish you couldn't....
Ready or not, going to We RISE Tech Conference tomorrow!!!

Bring a friend, bring your phone, and possibly your anxiety! :')
@Guess who: Well, I can't argue with that lmao
@Guest: haha oh yes, I had fun with them! XD They were very silly kids. Cracked me up.