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Daily comic strips I throw together with little effort just for funzies.


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I am actually a cashier in a store where we do this. We hate it too. Corporate demands it. I have a score card I have to fill out at the end of the day. I am supposed to get at least four members a day. If I don't do well the district manager makes my managers and I feel like crap. We get strong "suggestions" and get to participate in horrible, patronizing role playing if we aren't doing well in our rewards members. And guess what, I can return your item if I have your card, which means the store already has a record of everything you bought under said card and can build a customer ID around it.
We hate it so entirely. But the almighty Corporate demands it. Now everywhere I go, I sign up for the dang rewards (if it's free) and I give them my lesser used email and it's not a big deal. And it helps skip the little pitch we have to do about the rewards.
It's all so awful, but as a cashier I get pretty well "scolded" if I don't get the members. It's the highest source of stress on our side.
I'm sure they've all been sold my data anyway. Just give me a universal barcode and be done with it.
@Falconer: This happened the first time I met my boyfriend's dog. He was so excited to show the tricks she knew, but she refused to do any, until she got to "paw" (which was usually followed by "other") at which point she stood up and started pinwheeling both arms in the air XD
Oliver is a criminal mastermind. <3

Also the sequel of "Nothing is awful right now? Welp, I guess this is how good life can get, which means there's a disaster just around the corner!"
Been getting that feeling too lately. Interchanged with "I'm so loooneely how do I communicate irl" 8(

On the upside, it passes.
Since I usually comment on STUFF mentioned in the dailies just wanted to stop and tell you that your art looks better and better even here, in quick daily strips. So awesome! :D
I started keeping a dream journal last year - mostly to track how many exciting story dreams I have versus the dreams that clearly take me for a stupid person... So far it turns out my brain is alarmingly repetitive.
It's always been easier for me to remember names of pets than names of humans when it comes to casual acquaintances... :P
This dog loves to make me look bad! >:7
April 28th, 2017
That's is the type of anxiety stage i hate :x do remember! If you are "forgetting' something , than that is what normal people feel like! At least that is what helped me ....
Of course there's a reason to be anxious. YOU CAN'T FOOL ME!!
@Falconer: hahah , well hope you change your mind cuz James wouldn't be the only one to miss you like whyyy

*Despite the fact i can probs relate*
@Guest: LOL yeah

Pretty sure James be sitting in the corner like T_T whyyyy
Where can I buy one... >_>;
What’s there to think about?
Harder than real school..

Lol ..
I beg to differ ( currently cramming for university finals)
That's what the network function is for! The one I always forget about.
It's not easy being an American playing a Japanese kid who you gave an American name in Japan…

[Game: Persona 5]