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Daily comic strips I throw together with little effort just for funzies.


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Comment on What They Think
Falconer, 26 Oct 2014 03:22 am
Thinking and reflecting about stuff, as I do.
Comment on Hug it Out
Falconer, 25 Oct 2014 01:12 am
Some days you just really need to hug something cute and fluffy.
Comment on Is Winter Optional??
Falconer, 24 Oct 2014 01:34 am
Sorry for the short one today...work is getting mega busy (everyone wants books for Christmas, as usual), the office is freezing (also as usual), and I am mega tired!! x_x
Comment on The Lazy to Productive Ratio
Morzone, 23 Oct 2014 02:22 am
If the population of lazy town is 1, does that mean your to hard working to be a lazy town citizen?
Isn't that a good thing anyway?
Comment on The Lazy to Productive Ratio
Falconer, 23 Oct 2014 01:17 am
And that's all he did today.

I'm in no place to judge.
Comment on Sleep Activities w/ Puppy
andreya225, 22 Oct 2014 01:06 pm
i turn off my alarm in my sleep sometimes...
Comment on Sleep Activities w/ Puppy
SassyThePokemonLover, 22 Oct 2014 01:17 am
I remember one time I was sleeping over at my friend's house, and I was worried that I was waking her up what with my crashing to the wall several times (we were in sleeping bags on the floor), and whacking her in face with my arm. In the morning we had said to each other that we had a good night's sleep without disturbance, other than worrying we were disturbing the other. haha
Comment on Sleep Activities w/ Puppy
Falconer, 22 Oct 2014 01:01 am
Same as every night...?
Comment on Standing Still
Melody-Pika, 21 Oct 2014 02:51 am
Catch some perspective before you continue. It helps me ^u^
Comment on Standing Still
Falconer, 21 Oct 2014 02:28 am
I dunno.


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