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Sounds pretty realistic to me.
Nooo not the story of my every creative endeavour ever! Not really, but I have had dissatisfaction with lack of completion to the point where it discouraged me from completing! That was bad. It's gone now though, and I think I know how to stop it coming back: small goals, and better tools. For example, I got a forest planter in that game. Instant happy peaceful woodland instead of having to select every tree bush and flower and position it by friggernaffing hand. Also working on a cave maker because making irregular rock surface by hand has become my definition of pain! It's an old game and was never properly developed beyond a certain point. Why do I have to like it so much? Because it has pretty things and nice people and doesn't require you to shoot things to get anywhere.
I'd grin and thumbs-up ya! :D

... I don't have the courage to do it myself. ...

Oh wait, "Only one of them notices... ." Yeah, I can that happening, and it's hilarious! XD
Sometimes I think hair is meant to be played with. *⏑*
11 hours ago
So much true here. :) And didn't this or something with the same message go viral in the end? I'm sure I saw the message in comic form like this... I think it was this one. :)

Edit: Now I remember the timing. That was the time I should have chosen to fight the bitterness instead of feeding it for the next few years. Oh well, live and learn.
I learned this lesson roleplaying. What got me was the fact that I was more popular when I was just being myself. How does that even work? :D I guess I was happier and more comfortable, and other players preferred that.

On the other hand, when I was a kid there was this phase where, whenever I dared to lighten up enough to just be myself, I would get this specific phrase BELLOWED in my ears: "JUST BE YOURSELF!" What. I still don't know. Looking back, it's hard not to be bitter, but there's a blue sky and fluffy white clouds and fluttering swooping birds outside, and it's just impossible to smile at all that when I'm bitter. Also I have wonderful creative projects to smile about, (apart from THE FRUSTRATE, ;) and the very fact that I got over this and other things, including imposter syndrome! :)
12 hours ago
ahahaha So much yes! On one or two art sites I put a note on my profile saying "Sorry if I don't reply, I suffer from serious fatigue issues," which was true, but anxiety was what made the fatigue a problem. Later I discovered that anxiety itself was one of the biggest reasons for the fatigue in the first place!
Everyone needs syntax police. :) _Intelligent_ syntax police; computers can't do the job well! *twitch* O.o (lol)

I like that you can notice when nothing's really wrong, Falconer. There is hope for humanity yet! lol.. my family... Oh dear but they were hopeless, LOL!

Yep, I know how it goes. :) I keep telling myself, _when_ I make my next website I'll just use tables for layout, but this does nothing to save me from THE FRUSTRATE when I'm scripting that one game or the other programming projects I want to do. Yesterday in the game, when the proper method of presenting a url to a player didn't work first time, I just made the script send it to open chat instead. I'm a teeny bit proud of myself for avoiding THE FRUSTRATE! :)
Hahahaha! I TRY not to read anything that tells me where my fans are. I TRY SO HARD! O.O;;; Just kidding, it got easier. :)
I get this soooo much! :)

In role-playing, I wrote such copious notes that I couldn't read them! I was usually tired and just wanted to play the game. Actually, that's not just role-playing; I generally forget to look at my notes. Or I think about them and just... cannot... deal.. with... it...

In this one building and socializing game I play, I can leave myself notes within the game. It's easy to make an object with text hovering above it. Then it goes like this, to give a recent example:
1: Notice floor of sea-cave looks terrible when flying in from the sea-side
2: Notice it a few more times
3: Remember hover-text trick, make reminder
4: Notice reminder and/or broken floor a bunch more times, more commonly the broken floor itself, and always when I don't have the energy to fix it
5: Start actually remembering the problem. Yay! _Internal_ reminders when I don't have the time or energy, or am full of ideas for something else!
6: FINALLY remember when I have the time and energy, and do it. Genuinely rejoice!
7: 3 or 4 days later, remember the note and remove it
13 hours ago
I just lay there until I can get up SAFELY. XD I make allowances for the extra time needed when I set my alarm, and I'm starting to think 10pm is a good time to be asleep by. :)
13 hours ago
Hehehehe yeah! Sometimes I find myself chasing popularity, and then I wonder why I'm doing it. I've experienced a degree of social popularity online, of a kind I enjoyed very much. I didn't get any haters that I noticed, but it wasn't enough; I had to keep it coming. I kept wearing myself out! I think I was just using it to cover up loneliness, but then I've heard from people who have been major pop stars that the happiness they feel from the crowds' adulation vanishes when they're back in their hotel rooms.

I want a family really, but I'm too messed up. I'm working on getting less messed up, of course, and in the mean time friendships help, especially real life ones. I've found that being with friends IRL is about twice as effective in alleviating loneliness as anything I've done online.
For a moment, I thought this was about a depressing book or something, probably because I read through a rather depressing comic's archives yesterday. I'm glad it's not! :)

I also found this comic yesterday, looking for something to counteract the comic-induced depression, lol! I haven't read much of the archives, but every strip I have read has cheered me up quite a lot. Thank you, Falconer! :)
Yesterday's training definitely killed me.
Linux... Unix actually calls them "zombie processes". The difference is they do show up in the task list and don't have a window, because Unix closes connections when a process terminates. (Display stuff is managed with a socket or network connection.) I don't know what's madder, that Windows can have a window without a program behind it, or that Unix requires "parent" processes to clean up "dead" "child" processes. You get "zombies" when that doesn't happen. Ehh... just the terminology makes me glad I switched to Windows last year! haha ew ew ew! XD

(For surprised Linux users, these days you don't see zombie processes because they get re-parented to the init process, which then cleans them up. The mechanisms and terminology are still the same.)

Now I've written that, I don't know if the newer Wayland window system is managed over a connection, so maybe it too can have windows remain after a program crashes. I don't know because I know where Wayland comes from, I know what those people have done before. When added to the other problems of running Linux, between the enthusiasts on one side and the support contract business model on the other, I decided I'll just take Windows, thanks! lol
I've been on both sides of this.
@Falconer: mayeb that is the job for me! XD

Go Go! you can do it! you are the best! only one more flex!

just a little more! you can do it!
come on! you can do better than that!

trust me! you can do one more lap!
So this is death……………..

No thanks.