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This comic follows the adventures of Ginny as she moves into Mineral Town.

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@june: Thank you :D I really appreciate your comment. :)

I'm trying to work on an update, but I've just been too busy. I still want to keep this comic going but it'll probably have a few long time periods between comics. Oh well. :/
August 27th, 2013
LOVE it! Rick is adorable. <3
That's the thing about little sisters, you talk about someone for like two seconds, and they think that you like them. :P

Sorry if the words are too small.
He thinks he knows where the necklace came from...
Maybe from a chicken! :P
Double update!!!!
That's lightning in the fourth panel just FYI.
I know this is (Quite) late but: "Happy Easter and April Fools"
I got some new colored pencils, so I wanted to do a colored page.

And I know that there is no boat dock in the game, but what town by the water doesn't have a boat dock/fish market?
Thanks :D

I normally don't draw fish. :P
The kind of fish? I have no idea...
That fish looks great!
Hm..Pretty good catch for her first try

You can also see the B&W version here
I'm trying out a sorta new inking style. And I'm so sorry about the squishyness of the last panel and Zack's corny joke...
how did Zack even fit that into the box....I don't know.

~ More soon ~
Okay, so I did it in color just to see what it would look like and if I liked it..But I'm not sure..What do you think?

Color? Or B&W?
Okay, sorry about the lateness.

So yeah, I bet you guys forgot that she had the dog with her..yeah..
...Rocket is a interesting name. I'll look in to it. :D

( Maybe have Popuri name him/her )
Thanks. He'l be in a lot more of the comic. :D
September 12th, 2012
Rick looks cute here :)
Aw, Popuri looks so cute in the third panel :)
Sorry about the late posting.