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Hack Girl follows the misadventures of a sociopathic vigilante as she confronts online idiots when they're not hiding behind screens, busting computers and heads.


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TNT (Guest)
November 15th, 2016
Such a shame
;3;3 Spoilers he is evil actually and joins the bad side
Soooo, how'd she get hung up on Nick anyway? I mean judging from the rest of the comic she goes more after.. criminal-y types. Not middle school student cyber bullying.
Unless she was just really bored and saw her and Nick have the same comic interests or something?!
You had ONE job
There's the knife! A cleaver, too. Clever cleaver..

Definitely typed cleaver..
But that's not a knife she's holding.
Sounds like my kinda party.
I CAN HELP. I make perfect grilled cheese sandwiches.
Noooo what next do they beat the boss
February 10th, 2016
Hi~! I noticed it has been a loong time since the last update... It has me worried, I hope you are well in your health...!
It's nice to catch up to one of my favorite comics. Nice artwork!
October 10th, 2015
Hurry up
Please update, it's been months.
October 10th, 2015
Is it wrong?
Is it wrong that I find him vaguely attractive?
October 9th, 2015
Anyone else
Hey! 😜 Anyone else rereading this Awsome as hell comic?
August 2nd, 2015
Ok, now it's time xD
I love your comic!! You gotta continue it or i'll drown you in my tears :c
Ok, inwas going to comment on the last page, and tell you how much i'm loving your comic, but this!, deserves a praise on it's own :3
Nah, she's more like Deadpool.
I've been wondering about that (and guessing along the same lines) but wasn't sure if there was any real reason behind it, with the sarcastic cartoonish town name and all.
Be nice HG D:

Also, that's quite a face, Hack
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Secrets revealed!

Late night upload! As a thank you for your patience and readership, I recorded the making of this page. I will post it on my tumblr ( once I'm done editing it. Enjoy! (: